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  1. The "Next update in" screen is gone now, replaced by the newsletter and forum buttons. But there's an animated Wilson now. (Not the shadow Wilson)
  2. Maxwell's insanity numbers also don't change and adjust to his lower cap when the book is used, so you will still go insane at 30 and get the screen distortion effects even if it's as high as it can go. If you don't like the screen effects, probably not a good idea to use more than 2 minions.
  3. He is fragmenting his soul, so the death is probably caused by the book rather than 0 sanity. I used it one time before that screenshot, it's not that high. It's only 40, I believe.
  4. Maxwell's book is called "Code Umbra", and requires 1 nightmare fuel to use. This goes well with the fact that Maxwell spawns with 4 fuel.
  5. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/594765300198467826/AC693AEDD0DFF175AD8BE2C3D40C46DB03C989DA/ Ug, image tags aren't working with steam screenshots anymore. At least for me.
  6. Maxwell, that sanity boost takes out a crap ton of micromanagement.
  7. I'd rather see the Maxwell re-balance before we get any new characters, at least in the same update.
  8. Sounds like a much darker version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in a way.
  9. I'm starting to think that Maxwell's character rebalance may involve magic...
  10. That actually seems pretty plausible considering we have at least 2 more surprise characters planned. But we'll have to see.
  11. I think Wickerbottom has pupils in her large portrait, but aside from that, you're right. So I suppose someone is going to want to update Charlie's wiki page now that we have a confirmation that she was Maxwell's assistant.
  12. I guess they did not want us guessing the link or something, heh.
  13. Just dropped in and almost forgot about the puzzle. Nope, not missing it! QR codes, eh? Finally something a little different than the flashing .bit links.
  14. That, and Maxwell's personality doesn't seem to change after being free, judging from his speech text. He is aware of all the things he did, and doesn't feel bad for anything he did. He even says "Ha! I remember that one" when examining a boon.
  15. Wx-78 still has this problem with his stats being refilled to 100% on world-reload.For the release candidate, perhaps?
  16. Did we really need to bump the oldest thread on the Don't Starve forums?
  17. A few days ago Kevin did say a new character is part of the road map for the next few updates. (And it's a character we've seen, but with a twist). Obviously, it's not going to be in this update.
  18. The "work to be done" variation for caves gave me some chills down my spine (in a good way). Awesome work, guys. Will these be added to the official soundtrack soon?
  19. Even when playing as Maxwell with 75 hp and no armor of any kind, they're not very difficult at all once you know their attack intervals, like this guy just showed.Only pain in the butt is when they're they spawn from the tree you're trying to chop. Almost instant death if you can't react fast enough.