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  1. On 11/20/2020 at 10:14 AM, Mike23Ua said:

    Those walls are kinda hideous to be honest, I think if Klei did walls now days that they would look a lot better- I can speak for myself and a lot of my friends that having walls down here would make dying and becoming a ghost and not being able to float over gaps of land a heck of a lot less confusing, But who knows.

    What I Would like to see however is a Top Down game view if Walls & elevated platforms are added to the game: Maybe for example by holding in both the Right Trigger and Left Trigger on the Controller? I think it would be super helpful- but idk.. 

    And I’m not even sure if adding walls into caves again now wouldn’t just be a waste of Klei’s time and resources that could be better spent on something else.

    All I do know is that if caves had walls instead of uncrossable gaps it would make being a spooky ghost a lot less confusing.

    They looked a lot better later in the alpha with new textures and such, but the issue was they bogged down performance and were too intrusive to gameplay. They even tried making a circle around the player that clips through the cave walls so you can see yourself, but that didn't work out well either. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, zzKratoszz said:

    I was expecting that to go the other way. Now its what? A reskinned meat effigy with a sanity aura? I'm fine with that but why would someone fight the Pugalisk for bone shards and a meat effigy reskin?

    I don’t think anyone actually fights the Pugalisk for the water. Just grab and run.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, deerBamboo said:

    I still didnt get y everyone want a teleportato in Hamlet so desperately. Its not like in RoG or SW where u hv nonrenewable material such as thulecite, guardian horn and hard to renewable( and also less useful imo) materials such as obsidian to carry over worlds. Also, Hamlet's map isnt that big either to be game-changing like in SW if u got resources rly scarce it could be a pain to gather them with that huge map. But well its still good to hv the option tho. I like all those things's landmark. Definitely gonna base around those xD. They look so good

    It's a big deal with merged worlds. If you go to Hamlet from RoG or SW, you are stuck with that Hamlet world forever without a Teleportato. You could get bad world gen or run out of resources, but your merged world is stuck with that world anyway.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Fozzlebub said:

    Hamlet is my cup of tea because exploration feels really directed. Something about the aesthetic and armosphere too. I like the characters they added as well.


    I feel like Hamlet really shines as a connected world, tbh rather than just spending time in hamlet.

    In merged worlds Hamlet is a huge game changer and appeals to end-game mega basing. Lamp posts, shops, houses, etc are all huge features to be able to build RoG or Shipwrecked.

    The issue is Hamlet just doesn't stand up on its own though compared to SW. Once the new factor wears off, people are just going to rush the Key to the City and just make their base and city in RoG, never having to go back to Hamlet because there really is no reason too once you get all the Royal Gallery items and unique boss loot, the boss loot not even being that good. Even the exploration falls short because there are much better and faster ways to earn oincs that don't involve going into the ruins.

    It doesn't help huge features such as a Telepotato are missing too. Once you merge with Hamlet, you're stuck with that world no matter how bad RNG is or if you run out of resources.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Dexter Khaver said:

    The worst idea they had was to separate these two games, Klei is with a lot of late play, doing all at once, and ends up doing nothing, that's the result.

     You can build cities, houses and shops in RoG, SW, Caves, etc. They are technically separated but once you merge worlds that’s when the good stuff happens.

  6. 5 hours ago, TheOnlyGuyEver said:

    Reminder to not be disappointed if Hamlet doesn't release tomorrow as planned. A delayed finished project is better than a rushed unfinished one.

    Exactly. Remember when Hamlet was supposed to come out last year? We wouldn’t have the content we do now if they went through with that. It’s definitely not a bad thing to delay when it means the final product will be bettering.

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  7. 8 hours ago, TheOnlyGuyEver said:

    As a Wilbur main I'm extremely surprised that nobody has brought him up yet. Wilbur gets a massive 33% speed boost after walking for 3 seconds, with the only downside being that outside of running, you move 8.3% slower than normal. Granted, the walking speed penalty does make a real difference in kiting and walking small distances, as well as boating, but other than that he essentially does everything 33% faster.

    Don't Starve has always been a time management game, and the faster you can get around, the more time you will have.

    Well, Wilbur has to walk for a little bit before he gets a speed boost, which makes it impractical for kiting things. It also doesn’t work on boats, he actually moves slower than everyone on a boat. 

    With a flat speed boost you can be fast when attacking which people say breaks the game since the attack period of monsters accounts for player speeds being slow.

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  8. 7 hours ago, Portmanteau said:

    The only other thing I'd personally add after this I think would be making her skin color match her portrait more

    It has less to do with the skin colors but rather the game's graphical effects which change the tint of everything. Her face will look red in Hamlet no matter how much you change the texture, just like every character.

    Start her out in RoG or SW and she appears much closer to her art.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, KilliasK said:

    That raises the question, did anyone ask for this? I haven't been paying attention to the forums

    It's been asked for since she was revealed. It made more sense then: moves faster but has a smaller inventory. There's even a mod for it on the workshop. 

    But they kind of made her faster and then removed the downside...

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  10. 16 minutes ago, Toros said:

    The people complaining about her lack of upsides were straight up wrong.  Like, their balance feedback was misinformed and unhelpful.

    There was nothing wrong with Wheeler's balancing before, she just needed the 1 ammo bugfix.

    Nothing wrong with her balancing =/= fun to play.

    The latter is usually prioritized in singleplayer.

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  11. Hamlet could use some more content on its own. SW has more content overall, but I think the impact Hamlet has on the entire game is much bigger than Shipwrecked. The insanity of end-game mega bases just increased several fold with The Key to the City and merged crafting. This DLC definitely caters to people who survive for a long time and want to have an end-goal objective with building complex cities. 

    Remember when they first announced Shipwrecked years ago, they said it would be a standalone game that would not interact with regular DS or RoG at all? Then we made our voice heard and they allowed us to world hop with items and stuff under one roof. That was probably the best choice they ever made for this game, since this allowed us to have ALL the DLC in one effective world. The game has definitely come a long way since RoG wasn't even made.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Jason said:


    Fixed Wagstaff and Wheeler’s art resolution



    Hmm, what about Wagstaff's goggles? They are still very low res compared to his character, and they even make his beard and stashe low res while wearing them (I assume the goggles change his entire face?)




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