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  1. 3 hours ago, krylincy said:

    alright, thank you. but how do i "switch"? i cant use the mouse (mostly) when my controller is connected. as far as i know i need to turn the controller off and save/reloade my savegame. is there an easier way?

    You can manually turn off the controller in control settings.

  2. I get this bug too, but all the times when just wearing the cloak in general. I believe it's related to the particles the Cloak emits around the character, the particles themselves can block clicking as well as interrupt certain actions such as placing structures.

  3. I think I do know a way to fix if if you haven't already. I've had something similar to this and this is what I did to fix it: All you have to do is get the character to enter an interior, which will reset the view. You can do this by doing c_gonext to a structure you can enter ("playerhouse_city" for slanty shanty, for example) and then pressing space to make the character enter.

    What is happening is your character is technically running around on the surface but since you didn't use the exit for the interior, the game doesn't adjust the camera and unload the interior because it never got the message too do so. So you're really around somewhere in the world but you can't see. So entering an interior should fix this.