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  1. I had this same thing happen though I don't have supporting info or a save file handy. I was trying to get an opening to revive a fallen operative (hopelessly) but the Security Guard wouldn't stop investigating her corpse. On the enemy turn there's a noticable hang/pause before the Guard fires a thick investigation loop. The hallway was also pretty congested because of Normal Difficulty and Alert 6, which sometimes resulted in several guards not moving. The infinite investigation loop thing happened at two places on that map before my demise. Also, the beginning message from Central got stuck on the screen but that's a separate bug.
  2. How many players play on Custom Worlds?

    I often play with Lights Out because I'm weird like that, but it bothers me that the caves aren't in perpetual night like the overworld. That just isn't right. Otherwise I just play on the default world because I like the initial resource collection for some reason.
  3. Show us your camp!

    I like to make my base as compact as possible. I've found that 3x2 turf tiles works best for me. Shame about the chest placement though, totally obscured. Uh, looks like the update broke my Snurtle Shell Armour. All the meat you'll ever need all year round. Farming is boring.
  4. I have a question: if you generate a perma-night world will the cave levels also be in the night phase permanently? I like to use the Lights Out preset with Wendy and the beams of light from the overworld are a bit, uh, immersion breaking. Edit: Went spelunking and darn, the cave doesn't stay in the night phase with Lights Out.
  5. The Almighty...picktorch!

    I prefer to think that this is a feature, not a bug. Without a torch-and-pick combo going to the caves for rocks and gold early on would be a hassle, which is something I wouldn't like.
  6. I had the same problem, except I had transformed near a fire pit and the items were stuck above the structure. I managed to get the items back by demolishing the fire pit and then reloading the game so the items would fall down.
  7. [Crash] Tooth Trap

    After a bit of testing I think that this crash happens when any enemy that is not a potential follower (e.g. a spider or a pig) gets killed by a tooth trap. Some "isAFollower" attribute is set up wrong in the AddKillByMine function I reckon.