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  1. Starter Inventory

    For the record, you can use the prefab names from Don't Starve wiki (e.g. spear blueprint is "spear_blueprint") to customise the starting items.
  2. favorite fire fuel

    that's a load of bullsh*t. I could never have enough cow patties myself, so I opt to burn all the ropes and boards. I don't know which's more efficient than which but so far, it's been working out.
  3. What's Wrong With Wickerbottom?

    Yeah I had the same problem with my Chrome version of the game and am yet to unlock her on my Steam version. Hopefully it's better (because I want to play a no-base playthrough of the game) but if anything I'll just have to make do with the Default Plus world gen.
  4. What's Wrong With Wickerbottom?

    Wickerbottom's 'sin' is the sin of hubris. Apparently, she thought herself perfect enough to force herself unto the role of a lead actress. I once saw someone (Myco's?) rendition of the supposed film poster and it was an abomination. in a beautiful sort of a way.
  5. We're Live!

    a new character, oh my!
  6. This game is disgusting - Killing animals?

    But I rear bees and raise crops as my primary means of sustenance D: I am agog, I am aghast!! Aaaaah I am a ghast... - - - Updated - - - more like a 14-year old cousin
  7. I, too, came to suggest this. My idea is that instead of 'true death' by being beaten senseless, the character could become what I call 'injured'. Upon becoming 'injured' the character:-loses all his/her inventory;-has their health at 10% maximum;-has their hunger reduced by 25% maximum or 50% current whichever is less;-has their Sanity reduced by 50% current;-is unable to wield weapons;-can use tools but deals 50% less damage;-gets knocked back a few distance so can't immediately go back to pick up their items;-but gains an increased movement speed (the 'adrenaline rush') which allows them to get away from the situation for the time being;All until fully rested via using a bed roll/tent.This forces the character back to pseudo-Day One where they have to gather fresh materials or return to their base and regain their strength for the next day.If the character's health is reduced to 0 before he/she is fully rested (e.g. the character foolishly rushes back into danger), True Death occurs as per norm. Maybe limiting the amount of times a character can be Injured would help, with a handful of naturally occuring shrine-things recovering lost points. I know some people aren't happy with the Touch Stones, so maybe those can act as the 'injury limit recovery mechanic' instead of true resurrection. What do you guys think? This punishes the beginners less while effectively giving only a 10% increased health for anyone who want more challenge from the game (and hence might not be so happy with the better survival rates).