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  1. The Raven Crow won my heart, simply because that design is utterly terrifying and insaaaaane! And I wished it was part of the game. It's well executed, too. The other contestants did well also and I hope more people will come in to vote!
  2. These character designs rock so much, please please draw more of them! Would also love to read some sort of background/backstory on them!
  3. Ahh thank you! Really happy you like him!! Will finish it soon Meanwhile;I made an ask blog for Williwoof, anyone is super welcome to drop in and leave some ask! Will most def. be awnsered with art!>
  4. Just quickly stepping in to toss another thing I've done;Fanart of the Don't Starve fan character Wolfert (as human):Wolfert's ask blog for those who don't know it yet;'s one of my personla favourites among all the Don't Starve fan characters, simply because his design's just great, and his personality's adoreable.
  5. Thank you, that's great to hear, because I was going for mimicing but not completely copying the style! Thanks! Glad you like it!! Thank youuu! There certainly will be more to come! Thank you so much!Hahah oh man, directed by Tim Burton and played by Johnny Depp hahahaHey speaking of Don't Starve in some semi realistic style; I started sketching human Williwoof in my regular style and then started coloring, here is a WIP;Will finish soon!Also I guess that 'meeting' isn't going to end so well :cP.S. I am still taking in-game character requests!
  6. Ahh seriously, your art is such a joy to look at!
  7. Just quickly strolling in to dump two things;Human version of Williwoof and a fake character selection screenshot for him. Might make one for Paul later, too!
  8. I second this!I've seen a lot of people write and draw uh, 'raunchy' stuff on tumblr. I tried to find the forum rules on wether all posts should be kept PG13 or if a warning is required or if external links are okay or... or what, but couldn't really find anything on it? Some clearance would be just good I guess.
  9. Hah, keep it going! Looking forward to see how your story goes!
  10. Little gift thingie for Henzy; can't deny the inspiration for William I got from werewolf!Wilson.Also I guess this is a very unlikely meeting, considering that werewolf!Wilson would only exist during a full moon, when Williwoof also transformed.I should start to work on his human version.Check out her fantastic thread here:
  11. You're super welcomeeee!Also I'm dying over Wilson's expression there askjdhaskjdhaksd totally missed that before but saw that just now and IT'S KILLING MEPls do more Wilson when you can. Pls.
  12. [MENTION=6065]RetroGamer2000[/MENTION] you're most welcome! Thanks for the request!Here are a bunch of quick doodle thing of Paul and puppy!William... hounds probably aren't the easiest-to-keep pets. I imagine them to be very destructive.