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  1. After reading the first post in this thread, I feel compelled to try and give some player feedback, aimed at Klei, but shared public for people to agree/disagree. I don't think anyone should care about my feedback on it's own, cause I'm just one player, but it looks like this thread is filled with people who have been playing this game as it developed, so I wanted to provide some feedback from somebody who came to the game fresh. So I recently got Don't Starve on steam, after seeing the trailer video and getting totally hooked by how appealing it seemed. I liked mark of the ninja and eets, so expected it to be a very cool game, which it totally is. I like rogue-like permadeath games, the danger of it is fun and exciting, and it makes luck and discovery so much powerful. However, after playing it for like 3-5 hours almost every night for about two weeks, after pouring through the wikia wiki like 10 days in for tips and giving it a few more days trying to use what I learned, I rage-uninstalled the game. When my friends ask me about it and if they should try it out, I tell them I hated it and don't bother. I know it's Beta, and I'm certainly hoping it will change in a way I can appreciate all the awesomeness in it, but I honestly can't help but regret I even tried it and feel like I wasted my time at this point. The basic problem is this: I don't know what the "mid-game" is really, and I doubt I actually made it there (each night's playsession ended in death, never saw winter), but the random push-backs are a bit ridiculous overpowered for somebody who wants to learn and enjoy the game. I know I could play sandbox, but I just have zero interest in that. It's not the difficulty that I have a problem with really, it's that the majority of the ways I'd die felt completely unfair. I loved slowly starving and having to search for key ingredients and struggling with setbacks. But to have the game constantly take every situation where I'm just starting to get things together so that I'm not slowly dying and ramp the difficulty up in a moment to where I'm struggling to not die this very moment is just cruel game design for new players.Combat in particular is lame and feels horrible. The hounds are not good for the game. They don't give up. I can't take them on in a pack. Unlike the tree or krampus, I don't feel like I have any influence or control over them. Mining spiders is fun, but dealing at all with a level 2 spider nest with spider warriors is not, and every nest eventually becomes a level 2. I love the idea of finding and avoiding a level 2 until I can take it on, but having the one nest in range become level 2 as I'm struggling to get enough webs to do anything just sucks. I like the danger trade off of frogs being around ponds so that you have a great food source next to something dangerous, but the insta-spawn of frogs combined with their high damage means you often get a huge hit with no warning to avoid it. The fact that you have to keep creeping farther and farther out from your home base and into danger to get enough resources (like gold) to survive is great, and well balanced. But when you run into stuff like those birds that will mostly ignore you than suddenly decide you must die when you aren't near their eggs just sucks. I'm sure the game is well balanced for the people who have been beating your beta and want a new challenge - but I believe the curve is damaging your new player acquisition.