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  1. Making pyrite

    But why would you want to make pyrite? I dunno what properties it has in game, but IRL it's pretty useless
  2. I actually made a mod prototype a few weeks ago that was suppose to address the use of germy water in showers and sinks (i.e. dupes washing in infected water retained, or gained, germs). There's no extra overhead on the sim. However, I didn't persue the experiment very far because if water is dumped into a tile, there's a max number of germs the tile can support. If a tile is filled with 1000 kg of water, dupes showering in said water are only exposed to 1/1000th of the germs in the source water each second, and the shower removes a huge amount of germs. So unless the water was ridiculously infected (multiple millions of germs), dupes ended up with a few measly surface germs after their shower. Sinks worked the same way. While closed looped systems might be problematic for players, it didn't seem worth pursuing if there was an easy way to get around the problem without disinfecting their water, or if the cleaning system needed a huge amount of rebalancing on my part
  3. Mod updating > infinite loop

    I also have this issue
  4. Rust Deoxidizer

    I'm guessing that rust deoxdisers meant to be a stop gap solution until you can get enough water to switch to electrolysers. I found a chlorine geyser that makes enough to feed 10 saltvines, but that only puts a dint in my requirements. Plus rust isn't renewable anyways
  5. I like fridges for the convenience. Compact, no fuss. I store surplus in CO2. If they changed it so that only cold or chlorine atmosphere were sterile, I wouldn't complain. CO2 is so easy to generate and remove, it makes food storage a non-issue
  6. Ugly Criers

    Dupe torture pits for profit is back on the menu!
  7. I'd love it if the life time average output of geysers were included in their tool tip. As well as if industrial machines were flagged as such. Mass flagging objects for enabling / disabling, auto repair, etc
  8. To get around not having gold, in my now 200+ cycle base, I just decided to avoid making heat / interacting with hot substances In the early to mid game. My plastic (and fibre) was supplied by Dreckos, so I haven't had to touch oil yet. I'm making steel in a small ice biome with water from thawed ice as its coolant. My steel stockpile is quite healthy now, so I'll use that for pumps when the time comes. No need for an aquatuner yet with all the cold rust biomes about, and I'm sanisating my water with chlorine that came from my rust deoxidisers. I was worried about my ethanol distilleries and petroleum (ethanol) generators roasting me (I waited for steel before making them) but the ethanol comes out of the stillls very cold, and provides more than enough cooling for them both, which is awesome! My base is entirely stable atm (except for salt and rust, but I have finally found my cool steam geyser so I can switch up oxygen production) and pretty damn pleased with how it went! It was a really fun puzzle and a great change up to my usual play style
  9. Brine and Salt Water

    Thermal properties aside, was there a need to include both brine AND salt water? They seem too similar imo
  10. Yes, you could print oxylite. But you can't store it long term without a specialised storage set up, and you would need to print multiple lots of it for a single flight, so it's heavily RNG dependent. Though maybe less painful than ranching dense pufts from puff eggs... I'm not arguing that it can't be done, but the challenge is disproptionate to the difficulty rating of certain asteroids
  11. Also no gold also means your not able to produce oxylite for your rockets. You'll need to ranch dense pufts. Since you lack a slime biome, you will need to rely on the printer to get pufts or puft eggs Slime biome is best biome
  12. Saltvine consumes surrounding chlorine gas at a rate of 16.67 g/s. However, this need isn't always listed on the plant, only saltvines that were surrounded by chlorine when you loaded the game. Once all the gas is gone, the tool tip won't come back if you add more chlorine unless you re-load the game while there's still some chlorine left I've submitted a bug report but I'm mentioning it here because I've been puzzling as to where all my chlorine in my saltvine farm was vanishing all evening
  13. Dasha saltvine consumes its surrounding chlorine gas, however, this behaviour is not listed on its tool tip the first time it surrounded by chlorine. Saving and re-loading will cause the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear. If the supply of chlorine gas is interrupted, saving and re-loading is required to have the 'Consuming chlorine' tool tip to appear again. The Saltvine also appears to consume chlorine gas (at a slower rate) when its other growing conditions are not met (e.g., having sufficient fertiliser)
  14. ... God damn it. I've never bothered to ranch dreckos, and completely forgot the basic ones can give you reed fibre. That's my fault then They just released an update allowing atmosuits to be bymuilt from a variety of metals, so guess I'm set
  15. I hope so. I just gave up on my new 100+ cycle colony once I realised there was no reeds on the map... Edit: I'm an idiot, dreckos give you reed fibre