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  1. Even though I have an ice flingomatic during summer, all my plants are still withering.
  2. Every time I build a base I can play my plants and structures evenly without any problem but after a while I come back to my base all of a sudden plants and structures I would be able to placed no problem have extra hidden unplaceable red terrain on it. Forcing you to dig up the whole area again to replant them to fix it. Its extremely annoying and forces you to build your base and plants in one sitting. This bug happens all the time and no matter what character and world I play in. I disabled all mods and still have this happen. Exiting and rejoining does not fix the problem. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Maybe the character isn't for you then. It's ok to find a character that doesn't fit your playstyle. I rather have unique characters then ones that are all the same. You're not forced to pick her.
  4. When the Iron hulk is defeated the other parts are supposed to scatter all over the island again.
  5. I liked that Wheeler had limited slots, you had to be extremely careful what you picked up. It was a harsh downside but that's what I loved about it, made for interesting gameplay. Now with no downsides shes along side the rest of the overpowered characters.
  6. I think Wheeler needs to have a different downside if she will have 15 slots. This makes her way too good.
  7. I'm also having problems with crashes. Tried to make a Wheeler SW crashed. Tried to enter my wormwood hamlet world and it crashed as well.
  8. When you transform into a Werepig you are unable to interact with the the cave hole.
  9. When you equip Wilba's necklace during a full moon it works completely fine, but when you take off the necklace during the next day you will turn even if its daytime. When this happens it takes a full day cycle to transform back.