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  1. function playerpostinit(inst) inst:AddComponent("pickyfeet")end AddSimPostInit(playerpostinit)
  2. Does anyone have a fix for this? I have no idea what to do....
  3. Here is the thing that it tells me: modmain.lua"]:5: attempt to index local 'inst' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback modmain.lua(5,1) =(tail call) ? [C] in function 'xpcall' scripts/mods.lua(105,1) scripts/mods.lua(545,1 in function 'SimPostInit' scripts/gamelogic.lua(899,1) in function 'DoInitGame'
  4. So I was working with porting mods over from Don't Starve to test my skills with this sort of thing, and the init value seems to return a nil value, causing my game to crash.... I don't really know how to get this fixed....