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  1. You put a few traps in the spider nest and kite them until all have been catched and the nest is alone, free meat, silk and the item for healing salve and your hp is untouched, you can destroy the nest if it's far form your base or leave it alone if it's close to keep farming once spiders have spawned.For the hounds prepare a few meats and throw them to the ground 1 by 1 when you start hearing the hounds, when they come they will start eating and you have plenty of time to kill them, you may receive a few hits but with log vest and a helmet + spear should be done very soon.I think you just rage quit like the people who do the same with Dark Souls when they are noob and die all the time, even if it's an awesome game, and by the way in Don't Starve you have a few ways to revive.