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  1. That moment when you're playing The End Is Nigh and think you're getting pretty close to the end of the game when this happens.



    I had 82% completion in "The Past" (which is the previous 9 worlds) after 9 hours of playtime, and then this happened

    Help pls.


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    2. Subscriber01236


      Fair enough but I'd compare it more to VVVVVV than Meat Boy personally, so if you went in wanting another Meat Boy you'd probably be disappointed I guess.

    3. MeingroessterFan


      Well, I didn't want Meat Boy either. Honestly, I didn't really want anything, I just checked it out because it's a McMillen.

    4. Subscriber01236


      Ah fair enough, the soundtrack for it is pretty amazing atleast if you ask me

      Though I'm not the biggest fan of how they use album mixes instead of the ingame music, The Arid Flats and The Machine both sound much, much better in game than in the album mix if you ask me. And Ridiculon don't want to make the individual tracks available for some reason so that's a *****.