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  1. Mr skits truly is interesting as it is the first hallucination a character will normally see since having a mildly low sanity will make him flash on the screen for a second, when you go more insane he will start being there but disapear when you go near him,he will also grow bigger and bigger as you go insane.
  2. i dont know if people accept me but heres my request!RP Character Name: Mickio Tanerdum Race: Human Looks Like: blue eyes, wear a fedora hat thing with a feather, has a lute in his back and wear a brown vest Backstory: mickio is a travelling bard seeking the art of magic and wizardry, however one day he seeked too far a he makes a deal with maxwell to give him the powers of wizardry, but maxwell threw him in (whatev is called the dont starve island) and ith the power of magic...but not the spells themselves. now he must survive... Personality: mickio is a bard and loves phylosophy, he can sometimes be pessimistic but when you gain his trust, he will never stop helping you even for his life! Ability: he always carry his trusty lute wich can calm even the angriest of beefalos, he will sometimes also use a spell when he concentrates hard enough. Etc: also, since he never learned the art of fighting or physical work...hes kinda week..