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  1. Wow, i could make a book with what really grinds my gears in Dst, but here are the main ones for me: When the servers with the lower ping here all have mods, especially the backpack mod. It completely takes away the problem of inventory management (which i consider a quite big part of the challenge). Come on people, you don't have to carry all the possible tools and resources all the time. As others said, when someone just stay in the base all day long wasting food and supplies and doing absolutely nothing. When i join a server and get insta-banned for no reason. If you don't want strange people in the server, put a f-ing password in it. Or check the option "friends only".
  2. PvP is all about being well prepared. Wigfrid is an easy pvp character because she starts with her helmet and spear. At day 1, no one stands a chance against Wigfrid. But as more time is given to prepare, Wolfgang proves to be a better choice once you get a good amount of food and basic armor as he has more speed,damage and health at mighty form. But PvP isn't only about simply melee damage, there's a lot of strategy that go deeper in the mechanics of the game, such as fire and sleep. If you have sleep items, you have an absurd advantage as you can put the opponent to sleep and get an easy stunlock while he wakes up. If he fights back and stunlock you, just run and put him to sleep again. That's why Wickerbottom has become my main choice for pvp since some recents update. Her Sleeptime Stories book is a VERY powerful item as it works like a panflute and it's not really hard to make for me. You do have to live risking to finding a Wolfgang or Wigfrid while you don't have the book though. Another way that's been removed from the game is by making the opponent insane. You could easily lower someone sanity by forcefeeding green caps, but you can only do it now if the player is not moving (And come on, if you are not moving in pvp, you are definitely pvping wrong). There's an alternative way that is making the opponent wet (and by consequence, insane) if you use water ballons, but i can't give details on that as i haven't tested it myself. As for mods to use in PvP, i prefer vanilla. Seeing players in the map do add to the pvp, as no one is never in a safe spot. But the feeling of searching someone or simply fearing if someone is close is far better than actually knowing where everyone is. And character mods... no, please no.
  3. There are plenty of them on the ruins. Maybe not fully repaired but you can repair it with thulecite.
  4. Got me! My chests are currently a mess. But i have a gnome! Yeah, but i got to a point where the preparations don't worry that much anymore, so i just try to make things quicker and more organized instead of just surviving... Btw, your stream is awesome. Learned how to quick-switch watching your stream.
  5. Well, this is what i can do in 20 days: But it depends on the luck. On this world, i found the rock biome on the first day and then found a nice place 3 days after. I already got worlds where i spent 10 days only to find a good spot on the map to make a base.
  6. Here is my most recent base, and it has quite a history. I started as Willow and found Chester just a screen away. Around day 200, i went to adventure mode and returned as Woodie. 30 days back from these screenshots, i went again and came back as Wickerbottom. So far, her books are awesome, but didn't tested that much since it was winter. Berry farm Grass n' Twigs Kitchen Advanced farms Map
  7. Or he used the teleportato and took all this stuff from the previous world...
  8. It would be awesome! Also, when you use the teleportato, he should say a different line on the World 2 instead of the standard "Say pal..."
  9. My favorite is, by far, the Spring EFS. But i really like the Summer Working too.
  10. "Wait, what? how? What happens at night?" Guess what? Died to Charlie on the first night.
  11. This is my most recent world, the first sucessful as Maxwell. Main: Twigs, Grass and Berries Sleep, Kitchen and Storage Farms Drying racks Not a big fan of walls, it's way more quick without those (But they sure looks good). As for mods, i use the architectural geometry (a grid to help align stuff) and Always on Status. Nothing game breaker, on my opinion.
  12. Now that's something i really wasn't expecting. But i liked it. Honestly, i think this will make the game harder. 4 people fighting a giant will sure be easier but you are all forgetting you have to gather resources to armor up first. 4 log suits are 32 logs and 24 grass. And if that wasn't enough, imagine after the battle is over how much healing items you would spend to get everyone at full health again. Another example is hunger, you would have to make 4 honey hams every day to sustain the characters, if everyone is not playing as Wolfgang or Wes. But even being harder, it's not impossible. It's just... harder. What i hope that don't happen is the possibility of having 2 of the same character on the map. This wouldn't make sense at all. Also infinite respawn, please Klei DON'T add infinite respawns for multiplayer... And to the people that didn't liked it, it's simple: Don't play on multiplayer. The most awesome thing about this game is how customizable it is. Don't like the giants? Turn them off. Don't like the frog rain on survival mode? Turn it off. Don't want multiplayer? Guess what? Turn it off.
  13. Well, have you guys ever got a tiny little island connected only by a wormhole? I had one in my latest maxwell world and was doing perfectly fine, until i tried to find rabbit holes to make the preshatitator. It was summer and the thermal stone wasn't able to hold as much cold as i thought, so i died to overheating. Then i got revived on a touchstone on the other side of the world, luckily i had left some stuff near it (thermal stone included). I build my pre-crafted endotermic fire and went back to my base. On the middle of the way i started overheating again and just as i was going to jump on the wormhole, i died again. No touchstones this time.
  14. Here it is: Yeah,the image is not perfect because it stays on the screen for about 1 or 2 seconds and i don't have any good video-editing program but i guess you can see it.
  15. Webber? YEEEES! would prefer Wortox but Webber was my second favorite I wonder if he will be unlocked via XP or by a different way like Maxwell and Wes. Well,it was discussed once to add a "anti-winter" season where you would have to use itens to not melt in the heat or something like this. If added,i bet it will be our new summer. As for the boss of summer, i bet it will be that fire-turtle from the Forbidden Knowledge Trailer. Oh God,this DLC will be huge.