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  1. There could be an option to turn worms off, since they don't drop something really useful and are only a major obstacle/annoyance.
  2. Can this thread be closed? All these insults are ruining it.
  3. Should I have written ineffectivity then? I think not.
  4. Misreadings aside, I just started a new Wendy-world. Has anyone tested the effectivity of Abigail against the worms?
  5. The Intermission on the current page must be an intermission about the earthquake!
  6. Huh. Guess my lobsters are just lazy...
  7. The problem with lobsters is that once they enter the "rock-form" they become useless. I was thinking of just lowering the worms stats. Anyway, anyone else had that bug wich I mentioned?
  8. This is MY thread. I am not n00b in this game. (That's how you write "n00b" properly!) Get out of my thread. Also people stay on topic please.
  9. In what page's source code had the word "Soon" mentioned about 10 pages ago? Just wanna know....
  10. You can't kite 6 worms. You can't. No. Nope. Nah.
  11. How are you supposed to fight 4 of them at the same time, I mean really? In the caves?! I coudn't kill even a single one of them with a tentacle spike! Also, a bug: (wich might have been reported already) dying in the caves without meat effigy will result in you getting to the surface and die immediatly, without the end screen.
  12. Okey, and sorry to dissapoint you Ared, but I've been on these forums for some time. I've just spent my time playing rather than posting....
  13. If I weren't specific why bothering to reply in the first place? (And thanks!)