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  1. I run through the swamp till I get to a pond which is glowing dark purple. "now where's that charm?" I look through my bag
  2. *Yawn* "Chester what time is it?" "woof!" "oh no! is it that time already? I must get going!" - - - Updated - - - ofrp:I think we should have some sort of order
  3. ok then! one last thing when we are talking out of character type ooc: or ofrp: e.g. i look at the dragon . ooc: Bob are you going to do anythingEdit:ninja'd!
  4. accepted!- - - Updated - - - accepted!- - - Updated - - - accepted!
  5. well the normal thread kinda died so I was hoping to revive it
  6. this and this should be in the roleplaying sub-forum
  7. I wake up to find that [MENTION=21354]Willette[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7126]Raccoon[/MENTION] have gone and I missed the opportunity for a free hug. DX
  8. wait am I a member of this Roleplay?!