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  1. Hannah?! Where are we? Why are you covered with poo? Where are my jaffas?!
  2. *Simon wakes up next to a pile of manure*
  3. yum! Jaffas! *Bang!* what was that! (lewis) it was thunder Simon stop being so paranoid! But Lewis I'm scared! Nothing is going to happen Simon. *BANG!*
  4. name:Honeydew/Simonrace:dwarfstory:was eating jaffas and was struck by lightening and was transported to the don't starve worldabilities: can dig holespet: piglet
  5. lol I only have 600 and I've been here since april- - - Updated - - - Can I be Simon Lane?
  6. You must post your app here:http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?16906-Surviving-and-Thriving!-(Roleplay-Application-Center)
  7. I am Sir Torin Wimpgang. It's a pleasure to meet you. Who are you?
  8. ooc:you must post your application here:http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?16906-Surviving-and-Thriving!-(Roleplay-Application-Center)
  9. is this going to be revived or moved to the roleplaying subforum?
  10. I take out a strange purple charm and drop it in the pond. I mutter an incantation and the pond turns into a portal . I jump in it.
  11. ooc:sorry i went out for the day but I'm back now