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  1. well i'm sort of going down there to kill beardlords .
  2. *takes out pickaxe* hey guys! I'm going to the caves. *starts mining plug hole*
  3. I'll help you Wise! Wait! What was that...AHH!
  4. When will [MENTION=21354]Willette[/MENTION] be back?!
  5. when is [MENTION=21354]Willette[/MENTION] coming back?
  6. Woodie is my favorite character
  7. I will name you Barry after my old friend. He's dead now. I miss him. He was really funny. Anyway.. would you like some bacon Barry?
  8. *Yawn!* I wake up in a field "What? Where am I? Honey?" there was no reply
  9. Name:JakeAge:84Looks like:White, Grey hair , wooden walking stickRace:HumanOther:works at yummybaconinc
  10. yes but you must think of a creative way to fit in
  11. No. Why? I could try ringing him.
  12. I was eating jaffas and there was thunder and I was scared and Lewis told me to stop being paranoid and I got hit by lightening- - - Updated - - - No