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  1. http://www.flasco.jp/brainmaker/?n=Wise&l=en Here's Wise's brain. I not posting mine.
  2. Good morning Willette! Fancy a cup of tea?
  3. watermelons , watermelons everywhere!

  4. I'm great. I've been on holiday twice so I only got to go on the forums once in between them. Wise is in a bit of a bad mood because i kept beating him at super street fighter.
  5. is it just me or has this thread got a lot smaller since i was gone?
  6. I remember when back when this thread was on page 56
  7. [MENTION=57415]Raven[/MENTION] do you take requests?
  8. This thread need more sweet rolls! mmm...sweet rolls!
  9. Where's [MENTION=7126]Raccoon[/MENTION]Superhero ?
  10. not really. I dropped it on the way here.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbYb7rZUz-8
  12. you should start making 3D models again