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  1. if you want to join you need an application . Just copy the first one and post it on this thread.
  2. "I've lived here for years .That man talking to you he brought me here too but he just forgot about me and leaves me to survive . Look I've built a house , I have a bed , lighting , food , lots of loyal pets and I have lived a normal life ever since ."
  3. sorry i didn't read yours when i posted mine and by the way i have to do the first post.
  4. I wake up , startled , as if something was wrong. I peer out the window and see a strange looking man in a suit standing over and unconscious dapper man with grey hair and a rugged grey beard . "Chester go investigate and bring them both a cup of tea." As Chester approached them the tall one disappeared . I came outside and offered the man a cup of tea . "I'm Wimpgang and this is Chester. What's your name?" "Harold" he said drinking his tea "the names Harold."
  5. Accepted would fit well with my character as he loves nature he even has a tame spider
  6. but you must send an application . you could just use your old one I don't mind
  7. Well it's a bit like this. You write a post from your players perspective . Then so on so on and all of are post form to make the role play.Example:I see a strange looking man standing over an Pig (if one of the characters was a pig) . I take a step closer and the man vanishes into thin air. "Are you alright ?" I shout over but there was no reply...
  8. Welcome to the Don't Starve Second Role Play thread...Surviving and Thriving! rules *No Foul language/Racism/Prejudice *No Joining Without in Application *If You Joined In When The Role Play Starts, You Must Think Of A Creative Way To Fit In Applications Application Template: RP Character Name: (The Name Of Your Character) Race: (Human, Pig, Etc.) Looks Like: (What details does your character have physically.) Backstory: (How Did He Get Here? What's His Past?) Personality: (What does he act like?) Ability: (Optional, Can he do something special?) Etc: (Optional, Other Details.) Summary: (Optional.) My Application: RP Character Name:Torin Wimpgang Race: Human Looks Like:British Gentleman with Top Hat Suit and shoes Back story: Was abandoned as a child but was adopted by Charlie Fancypants the Third . When Maxwell took him to his arc he grew bored of watching him so he just left him to survive. Built house in woods and struggles to chop down trees and mine because he is so weak. Personality: Polite , dapper and slightly insane. Ability: Can talk to nature and heal nearly anything Etc: Needs a friend. Doesn't eat meat. post your application here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?16906-Surviving-and-Thriving!-(Roleplay-Application-Center) Have fun!
  9. OK then. Do you want to join with your character and even if people don't send applications it would still be fun with two people
  11. Shall we begin and by that i mean the role play . It's up to you . P.s I'm wearing my red Tophat and waving my Union flag. (I'm trying to get in character ) P.P.s can i have a Chester . I suspect the answer to be no but it's worth a try .
  12. When does the roleplay start ol' chap . One can simply not wait ! Ps i'm in England so my posts might be a bit late .
  13. please can i join?RP Character Name: WimpgangRace: HumanLooks Like:British Gentleman with Red Top Hat Green Suit and shoesBack story: Wolfgang's brother but was abandoned as a child was adopted by Charile Fancypants the Third . When Maxwell took him to his arc he grew bored of watching him so he just left him to survive. Built house in woods and struggles to chop down trees and mine because he is so weak.Personality: Polite , dapper and slightly insane.Ability: Can talk to nature and heal nearly any thingEtc: Needs a friend