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  1. "FASHIONISTA" WENDY "BUSHY" WICKERBOTTOMAnd I will draw Maxwell as soon as I get the chance to play him
  2. Thanks!Yeah, the idea was taken from those pig heads around the touchstone ;)haha, exactly what I called that drawing, gonna edit names right away (forgot, silly me)
  3. Hello everybody!I like to draw and play games and lately I have been playing Don't Starve, a game that really sucked me in.Even talked my Girlfriend to try it and she loved it Also she encouraged me to draw all characters and post it here.So here are Wilson, Willow (her favorite) and WX-78. At the moment I am working on others and will post them as soon as I finish them, really hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them.Best of luck to you all! "VOODOO" WX-78 "HIPPIE" WILSON "WINTER" WILLOW "GENTLEMAN" WOLFGANG "IMMORTAL" WESToo bad it's not allowed to attach more than 5 pictures to a single post :)Good news are - Finished all characters except for Maxwell, since I haven't unlocked him yet.Cheers.