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  1. Changed my signature.

  2. I couldn't attach files through the pm, anyways, here's some of my work. (Sorry for the low res)
  3. I see you need artists still. I could help, if you don't mind me being a bit late to the party.
  4. Where would I find a list for that? The suggestions area?
  5. Hello! I haven't been on the forums for a while but some of you may remember me from a bit of concept work I did for the Aetheel. Anyways, I was wondering if you had anything that needs artwork? I could help.
  6. Hmm, I had to do it twice

  7. So what else should I draw? Is there a better place for me to see what's already done?
  8. Chester badge?

    1. TeoSS69


      Click on the badge and you'll understand...

  9. Getting back to the topic at hand, I made some concept art for the Aetheel! I hate it, I should have used a higher res. I need to get a scanner. I decided to use just the "secondary" vine, because it would look weird as a whole when (If) you repeated the image. It has sickle leaf things, but I guess you could just use gold spikes. EDIT: click it to get a better view.
  10. How about a % chance for one to drop?
  11. Sorry for the confusion, that was just a sketch that I made a while back. I only put it up so you could see some of my work, but it would be cool to see something that I made in DS Anyways I guess I'll try to make a concept for the Aetheel, more info on mob attack patterns would be appreciated (it attacks like a mobile tentacle right?)
  12. After I saw that there was a cheshire cat, I thought that, as an easter egg, (or not) you could wear the "Mad Hatter" hat. It could be found with a skeleton or as a rare drop from the cheshire cat. if you did the skeleton trap thing it should also have tea related items, and possibly the cat itself, but I honestly don't know what the cat does as a mob so maybe not. I figured it would lower your sanity (Mad hatter) but have some boost related to the story (idk, maybe attract rabbits?)
  13. First the fire, then the death of their parents, then the orphanage, and finally the death of Abigail; it seems quite the Series of Unfortunate Events. Nice writing Necro'd BWAHAHA! ... Sorry
  14. Pardon me saying this, (I realize this is a topic for strings) but it looks like you guys need some more content on the wiki. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic.