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  1. Review / Thoughts from the Creator This character has easy difficulty to play WOOD is overpowered character, but still vulnerable, perfect for learning the game mechanic WOOD the Super Easy Mode character is designed for easy mode, he is unimaginable strong and tank, but don't have unique perk that bypass harshness of Don't starve world. perfect for newbie learning the game who usually abused by the mob in Don't Starve world He can dead... but he last longer than any other character He has area damage and overpowered unarmed attack, which can be performed by hold ctrl button then click the mob you want to attack I want people to learn how the game works, by using weapon (that's why WOOD is clumpsy when using weapon), try it and practice, and when everything got messed up, just dump your weapon and give them the WOOD PUNCH which will save your day Conclusion : Wood is the strongest character I ever made, and he fulfilled his role as the Super Easy Mode Character I'm happy with him ^_^
  2. Review / thought from Creator This character have a medium difficulty to play I like this character a lot, because she is simple and fun to play As the creator, I considered a lot of thing for this character and I just put from all of that, that this character is powerful when she has a lot of food, sanity is not a problem as she can regenerate sanity from fighting with her sword or just sit around her sword, but it can be deadly for you if you spam the cannon She is powerful when she got 2 cannon and that cannon only can be obtained when you already at the end of the game (go caving and go to new world) which is only doing repetitive and boring activity collect , survive, attack which pro player already mastered, and that make she is useful and less annoying in late game My thought is always that technology that make progress in human life, so I'm not toying with her unique perk, instead I'm giving an item that change character playstyle She start with weak item that can be upgraded to better item, this make the play is not stagnant, She has progress to get better item that makes she has another goal along with survive, collect, attack As far as I created character, BRS is my favorite, because she is the most balanced character and have a simple and classic playstyle , but still fun and can evolve to be better character
  3. 1100 downloads

    This isn't a mod, It's character skins, you can modify it or change it, whatever you like ***it's recomended to backup your Don't starve data before change anything*** locate your wendy.zip in Steamsteamappscommondont_starvedataanim then replace the original wendy.zip with the new one I also give the original wendy.zip in case someone forgot to backup it The original wendy.zip only available in Wendy Character Skin.rar I use TEXtool to open atlas-0.tex Discuss >>
  4. Version 2.0


    WOOD *****Updated to Hungry for Hunger***** WOOD update to 2.0 Added original treeguard skin ~looks amazing! Bigger character Added little speech (especially when he in combat) No need to create new character to use new woodgang, just replace the woodgang lumpy file with woodgang original, and you can switch back between this 2 skins Discuss him here <- this thread is abandoned because now download page and thread is merged My Thread Wolfgang is the strongest character? Not anymore. Wood is Super Easy Mode Character, Designed for people who really suck at survive in Don't Starve Wilderness Here we go the OverPower status: *Has 1500 Health Points. 1500!!! *Has 1500 Maximum Hunger. 1500 again!!! *Has Treeguard damage + Deerclops Area Damage, OH MY! *Clumpsy when using weapon (Regular Damage) *Hit Harder when unarmed (Treeguard and Deerclops damage) "Run! Run all the mob of DS World, The Woodgang is coming to town" HOW TO INSTALL : Extract woodgang.rar and put "woodgang" Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder
  5. 6147 downloads

    Hatsune Miku - Secret Police *****Updated to Hungry For Hunger Update***** Discuss her here My Thread My first character skins - now became character mod (different eyes) She start with her Nation's peace-keeping "Leek Baton" and her "Handgun" 2 box of normal ammo , 1 box of slow ammo You can craft normal ammo and slow ammo under magic tabs (for now) (Thanks to no_signal and gamer.toukotsu to teach me how to add area damage) Leek Baton is melee weapon with infinite uses, have weak attack, but deal area damage (very efficient against spider) It also acts as glow sticks Thanks to no_signal for making this marvelous right-click reload mechanic) To reload ammo into handgun, right click the ammo box, the handgun will instantly reloaded There is 2 type bullet for the moment (more to come) first is normal 9mm bullet, deal medium damage (to create it, you must get the material from caves) second is 9mm bullet with secret slow properties, deal medium damage AND permanent slow run & walk to the target (although it consume a lot of spider silk and gland, it's worth of it) HOW TO INSTALL : Extract MikuSP.rar and MikuSPitem.rar and put MikuSP , MikuSPitem Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder Then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable MikuSP , MikuSPitem To Do : I'm planning to have more ammo variation and leek baton also can be use as leek boomerang ****WARNING**** You must install MikuSPitem mod , so your Miku Secret Police character can access her start item
  6. 2052 downloads

    Ghostcaller and Stickman Thread here I adopted this mod from the original creator , Heavenfall All credit go to him, I just update and maintained this character mod http://forums.kleientertainment.com/...t-a-Rock/page4 Ghostcaller is unique character that can call friendly ghost from fallen enemies Not from small creatures though, nor from animals Stickman is unique character that can walk through walls/ building/ solid object And he is immune to grue (although sanity drop very fast) HOW TO INSTALL : Extract HF_unlockstickman.rar and HF_unlockghostcaller.rar and put HF_unlockstickman and HF_unlockghostcaller Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder Then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable Stickman and Ghost caller
  7. Version 2.2


    BLACK ROCK SHOOTER *****Updated to Hungry for Hunger***** ~~Minor Fix for those experienced crash on character select screen~~ Discuss here My Thread Changelog SPOILER: SHOW Noire and BRS is merged!, for anybody that already playing BRS character, if you bored with her, you can change it to noire! She is cute and tsundere Just replaced BRS , BRSHOOD, and BRSITEM with Noire's Noire have her own Rapier, it's has range (good for kill bunnymen which is running) and little light at cost of more hunger consumption, less sanity bonus per hit and weaker than rock blade To Do : And have her own godly mind twisted item that replaced magic stick My first character mod, before this only the skins In this character mod, BRS appear without her hood She start with her "Rock Blade" and her "Rock Cannon" I'm not gonna tell what these items do, you need to experience with it I'll just give a little advice Rock Blade is your main weapon Rock Cannon is powerful range weapon, but... Don't overdo it, you will die Thanks to kiopho who help solved the problem Add Bonus item , Infinite Magic Stick Added BRS with Hood --> BRSHOOD.rar Added Light Rock Cannon and Heavy Rock Cannon Added BRS energy canister (very great for ground lighting) Rock Cannon can now can be crafted (that's mean every character can have it) HOW TO INSTALL : Extract brs.rar and brsitem.rar and put BRSITEM , BRS and BRSHOOD Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder Then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable BRS , BRS ITEM , BRS HOOD !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!! To enable BRS 2.0, extract BRS2.0.rar then open it, you will see BRSITEM folder, put it into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder , then run the game, choose Mod in your mainscreen, enable BRS ITEM if you have old BRS ITEM folder, is better to delete it first, but I think it's okay just to replace it with the new one (ver 2.0) To Do : Upgrade Rock Blade to tier 2 ****WARNING**** You must install BRSITEM mod , so your BRS character can access her start item Big Thanks to : kiopho , no_signal
  8. 5625 downloads

    Noire Blackheart *****Updated to Hungry for your Hunger***** *****Noire from now is available in BRS Character mod***** Discuss her here My Thread Added Noires, which noire with short hair and different costume This is Request character mod Noire is dapper but not frail "Lastation only does everything. We have a long, bright future." HOW TO INSTALL : Extract Noire.rar or Noires.rar and put "Noire" or "Noires" Folder into your Steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods folder
  9. We don't have lightning hounds, but we got lightning rabbit those is easy one though
  10. Yes , it's a thing now :DIt started in "For Narnia" , though it was accident >_<http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?25769-Don-t-Starve-memes-ragecomics-ect-ect-ect/page13I slip one in "This is Starve" too http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?25769-Don-t-Starve-memes-ragecomics-ect-ect-ect/page14
  11. The gobbler -_- , is a mistakeI accidentally spawn it instead of deerclops , then in milisecond, I think to spawn deerclops to smash gobbler then smash meat effigyIt turned that not all mobs in DS hate gobbler so much