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  1. As above I presume, I think Woodie's perk is super obvious, but nevertheless;Woodie-Cuts trees fasterWebber-Friendly with Spiders, Enemy to PigsWilton-Doesn't take damage from being starving?Winnie-I've no idea, but she looks like a Bo Peep girl, so maybe she can herd neutral creaturesWortox-Friendly with enemy creatures, enemy with friendly creatures?Wallace-Who knows, he looks terrifying thoughWaverly-As said earlier, can make Magic Items without Prototyping themWilbur-Again, who knows
  2. I don't see the ultimate final character on that list, WGrue. Wolfgang's picture background shows Paris on the character select screen.Lolnope, whoops.
  3. Ponies ahead, yep.I know it's quite pretentious to name the thread in third person, but please, it's not like that, it's just easier for me to differentiate amongst all the other threads xP.So anyways, as my icon indicates, PONIES.I might draw more than this one picture in the future, I love Don't Starve quite a lot, so when I do I'll just bump the thread and edit the OP.The first of my crossover fanart is a 1920x1080 wallpaper, so until I figure out how to reduce the size with the code we're allowed to use on these forums, I can only link to it textually, I don't want to cause a massive page issue with the full image itself.Don't Starve Trixie Wallpaper's dA pageDon't Starve Trixie Wallpaper by itselfHope you enjoy
  4. Why're people drawing up the need to catch a boomerang as a drawback?