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  1. http://youtu.be/uXdKdgS0ISA please listen to this song if you're ever feeling down. I know I was last night, and I can't get my head straight still because of what happened...
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    2. Ellebelly24


      People started hating on me last night, because I fessed up to being bi. They were still talking about it in school today. Plus I broke up with Blew... I'm just having a rough time right now....

    3. Halved




      I'm sorry to hear that.

    4. Dara999


      You're bi? That's cool, one of my friends is bi. Shame on those losers for picking on you, you can't help being who you are. They can go f themselves if they can't see you're the same wonderful person as before. I'm sorry about you and Blew. Don't do anything irrational, speak to people. I'm always good to chat. I hope you're alright and those arses will leave you alone.