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  1. Mrgmview is awesome and so is weemcast but the best don't starve lp'er has got to be akamikeb. Especially his last run on adventure mode he just beat the game last night. It has been one of the best let's plays that I have ever watched
  2. Too complicated. I'll say it again- Space only defaults to attack with a proper weapon held, otherwise it performs action. It will only default to attacking with non weapon if there are no other actions to do in the area. Simple. Done and done.
  3. I use the spacebar almost exclusively. The only time I don't use it is when I know it's going to default to attack something when I don't want it to. SO it really should only default to attack when you have a WEAPON equipped. Common sense. I really hope they fix it and mikeb fony does too
  4. The spacebar should only attack when you have a proper weapon equipped. Otherwise default to picking up or whatever. Problem solved.
  5. She is probably my most used char. I use her and willow the most then Wilson. Wolf is op, haven't unlocked wes or the other char. Robot and Wendy are useless but I like their personality, wish they had better perks
  6. Most people know Tim Burton but may not know where his biggest influences comes from. you like the art style of Don't Starve check out some of his works and books, you will probably like them
  7. Yeah I just modified mine to drop 25% of the time. I like to (pretend I) have a life and 1% chance for me is no good. Can't spend all my time trying to get a Krampus Sack.. BUT I need one