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  1. Hi hey guys, a buddy and I decided we should try and give this a shot so why not.

    Who knows, maybe you've happened upon my art tumblr before. The world may never know.

    ANYWAY uhh hah wow I'm shy, have artsy fartsy distractions while I try to get used to this forum business.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    (edited for swearsies idk what y'all don't like around here)

    Posted Image

    I'll be posting more as I learn what's even allowed @ H @

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  2. Could you guys maybe lay the ground rules on what art topics are and aren't acceptable 'round here maybe ; w;

    From what I've seen things have been rather cutesy but not much else and I can't find any guidelines that have to do with the actual art posts, just about being on topic... I'm not so sure how choosy it is here.