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  1. Daang lookit youI hope you post a lot u w u
  2. Haha maybe I should draw that tooAnd speaking of thigns I should draw, maybe y'all should suggest some things ey?
  3. Gettin real sick of your crap, Maxwell.
  4. Keep your chin up. If you wanna share some threads then share some threads bud.
  5. I thought I would put some effort into something..!!
  6. This one is probably a bit iffy for blood, idk, so beware of mob-type murders poor wilson
  7. Henzy gosh you and your amazing art y w y
  8. Hi hey guys, a buddy and I decided we should try and give this a shot so why not. Who knows, maybe you've happened upon my art tumblr before. The world may never know. ANYWAY uhh hah wow I'm shy, have artsy fartsy distractions while I try to get used to this forum business. (edited for swearsies idk what y'all don't like around here) I'll be posting more as I learn what's even allowed @ H @
  9. Could you guys maybe lay the ground rules on what art topics are and aren't acceptable 'round here maybe ; w; From what I've seen things have been rather cutesy but not much else and I can't find any guidelines that have to do with the actual art posts, just about being on topic... I'm not so sure how choosy it is here.