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  1. Would there be any benifts to being farther down in your gruesome levels? Nightmare followers would be cool if so.
  2. fixed (well just crossed out stuff) my post since you had already replied on the steam page.
  3. I love the design of the original William mod tremendously and I can't wait for William 2 to come out. I did post this on the mod's page on steam, but I figured I'd pitch the idea to people here as well. My idea was that 1) Bugs could be used in Syringes as ingredients 2) William could build and place a turret (like the Houndius Shootius), that would fire rather slowly and do small damage, and could be picked up and placed. It could have a set-up time as well so that you couldn't place it down for random fights, if that would be a concern for balance. Anyway, I like where William 2 is going (and I have to read some of the pages to figure out what that King of Lies thing is) and I wish you luck in development. (also 100th reply hehe)