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  1. I'll join in. Make a new thread that is basic survival rp. Just use my character by default as an accepted i suppose.
  2. Maybe Wimpgang. How about you make another don't starve RP thread and accept applications for it? Just normal survival in the wilderness.
  3. I think it should start. I haven't read through the rp, but i suppose we can start this as a different group. I cannot officially do this, but i say start rp.All newly accepted members will start as a different group. I'll coordinate group events as well as rp if somebody is insane. Those who are newly accepted all wake up next to eachother in a big pile, Wimpgang being on top.Basically, RP BEGIN!!!DNANA!
  4. He isn't taking any more requests right now.I think we should start before the thread dies completely.
  5. RP Character Name: TuxxyRace: Hallucination (???)Looks Like: Very tall, very skinny, wears a old, worn, dirty suit with a bow-tie. Top hat with a red band. Very pale. Dark, black empty scribbles for eyes. Freakish smile.(Essentially, what my icon is.)Backstory: ???Personality: He keeps things interesting for himself by trying to put people against each-other, help them, kill them, really, this is al just a big game to him, like it is to Maxwell.Ability: Can only be contacted or have physical contract with if the man/women is very 'low on sanity'. Otherwise, sane monsters/humans don't see him. Can bends all his body-parts at will.Quote: "Here is a tip, if you turn your head upside down like me, the world around you is only half as evil and horrifying as it seems!"
  6. This thread still goin'? Because i'd love to join in.