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    I livestream don't starve

  2. I'm planning on doing a 70% don't starve marathonBy that i mean the other 30% of my stream might be random games(Or just "sots:the pit" which i feel is like don't starveI've been streaming almost daily on regular hours Come by and see what's happening over hereAlso we got WES !I'm going to try some adventure mode on him I did a 45 day run on wes with custom map settings (Almost no berries bushes, carrots, rabbits etc etc, Extra monsters, long dust etc etc)Follow my stream page if you miss the livestream it'll e-mail you when i go live
  3. Hey guysI do a lot of different indie games and i'm here to say this one's up now !I can't say i'll dedicate 100% of my time to this but i do plan on getting as far as possible without starving by and say hi !As i do with all my threads i plan on maintaining the title showing weither i'm live or notFollow my stream to always know when i go live !