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  1. Just wanted to say that I haven't given up on this thread !!! I've been focusing on finals and will continue to draw silly doodles once I'm out for summer ////
  2. Incase anyone was wondering about my icon! Here's a larger version. now if you excuse me, I have exams I should be studying for ////
  3. Thanks! I love doing silly doodles like that so I'm glad people are liking them!!
  4. Doodled Wilson and Wes between classes! I'm the kind of person who plays as Wes and only lasts a few days (or blows up so many balloons that I don't even last the night heh)
  5. WeeJay is adorable! I recently came back to the forums and just wanted to tell you that I love your art and am now following your tumblr! Keep up the drawing!
  6. Ahhh I'm loving all these drawings!!! Please keep it up! Also "Wacky Wilson" is the best thing I've heard all day
  7. Swirly cheeks are a thing I love to draw! I'm glad you like them!! He does!! Ahh I feel the need for a crossover now
  8. Who knew pink was such an interesting color!! Thanks for the info Parrotoss! and here's Wilson feat. Chester /// up next ..... who knows!?
  9. Thanks!! I'm working on Wilson right now
  10. Hi guys! It's been over a year since I've been here (ahahaha boy college sure keeps you busy!!) Anyway I'm working on drawing all the Don't Starve characters in my cutesy style. starting with Wendy because she's so much fun to draw! I'd love feedback and company as I try to finish all these ,,,, (I have a bad habit of never finishing things)
  11. That is a cute sounding image 0w0I'll see what I can do!!
  12. Adorable!! I can't wait to see more plushies from you 0w0
  13. euehehehe pen doodles are really fun 0w0
  14. I'm pretty sure I play as Wendy the most~
  15. Aww but then the hound would eat poor Chesterand then who's gonna carry all your extra stuff around? ;n;