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  1. Mrgmview is probably my favorite Don't Starve commentator. He also plays some other games occasionally, you guys definitely should check his channel out! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrGmview
  2. It took me 30+ minutes of farming him to actually get his sack.
  3. I spent a solid half hour farming krampus to get the sack. It's more of a novelty item, it's simply not worth the effort to obtain at this point.Changing the drop rate to something like 3-5% would make it less of a chore
  4. Nevermind, I found it after doing a little digging around. You guys should probably incorporate some instructions of sorts, telling us how to access the tracks
  5. Where do I go to access the tracks? I just bought the DLC and I feel a little lost :s
  6. In case there's a chance anybody wants to revive this thread, I'll go ahead and say my favorite characters are the Secret Character, and Wilson! Both a very unique, and have some really cool quotes/instruments used. I love Wilson's beard as well!
  7. There are only so many faces one can make
  8. They're VERY easy to kite, you just have to number your hits correctly before running.