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  1. I don't think because i want an easy acces to this summon
  2. Thanks for your report, it's fixed (I hope ^^)
  3. Yes, it's a bug, but it is only when he is staying, there is no problem with following. I'll try to fix it, if I can't, i'll just remove the sleep action or never wake up the night (lazy guy ^^)
  4. Ha yes, do you prefer I make these guys immortal (life*1000 so immortal for all the creatures) or just put there damage to 0 (immortal just for Natsu) ?
  5. Attack range/2, it's enough ? I make it 30% smaller, good for you ? Let's go for the Stay and Follow command
  6. If you can't wait, I'll do this now For making it smaller, it's okay, but for the atlas ... I'm not enough skilled to edit the Dragonfly's atlas, sorry ! I'm also creating a character (again from Fairy Tail ^^)
  7. Thank you for your advice, it will be updated
  8. Version v1.6


    First Thanks to Cheerio, for his creature guide, Thanks to Heavenfall, for know about recipes loot (Summon mod), And finally, Thank you very much Mobbstar for helping me to fix crashes Hello World, Before reading, sorry for my english, I'm french It is my first mod, I'm not pro in lua scripting. So, for the Dragonfly's fans (and for Fairy Tail fans ^^), I've made this summonable pet, called Natsu, The Fiery Dragon ! You can summon it with a Shadow Manipulator, in the light Tab, using 7 cooked meat, 2 red gems and 5 nightmarefuel. He'll follow and protect yourself with his flame (The environnement will not burn ^^) He have 2000 HP, 75 AttK and can be feed with ashes to restore his health by 200 points. Since the 1.6, he sleeps all the night and stay where he is sleeping if he is staying. If he is following, he'll also sleep all the night but if you go away, he will follow you (from far away). You can also see his location in the minimap if you lost him ^^. Chester and Glommer are now invincible and faster When you summon Natsu, he'll stay. Just rightclick him for following and rightclik him again for staying ! You can kill him, he will fight back but the player's damage are turned to 0. Don't hit him with any kind of fire (firestaff or firedart) or he will burn you If you hit him in a fight and then he doesn't follow you, you can freeze him for fix this.(This also work with any other bug ) ---Known Issue--- N/A ---Future Update--- Make it compatibe for DS Base without Reign of Giant DLC Enjoy