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  1. Looks like a sweet series mate gone watch the first one and ill give you a sub.
  2. :wilson_nerdy::wilson_nerdy::wilson_nerdy:Yay
  3. Sips from the yogcast and some other youtubers i dont quite remember
  4. RP Character Name: Dr Jack VonlugsteinRace:HumanLooks Like:A Proffesor with a long black beard with a a top hat and a breezy vestBackstory:He was raised in a laboratory with his father Dr Ponoodlepop Vonlugstein but when his father died, he was at age of 17 he was performing mad experiments trying to ressurect the body of his dead father he failed mostly but one day a mysterious man named 'MaxWell' spoke to him threw his mind he told him he could make his father come back but it was a lie he instructed jack to build a electric portal jack never created a succesfull machine so he wasnt sure but when he made it he didnt want to go but he remembered his father he jumped throught and was teleported to a strange land near pigs that could talk so he researched them but a massive monster called deerclops came and chased him away he lives in the wild now eating berrys and carrots.Personality: Aggresive:he will do anything to get what he wants.Ability: He is insane but he can make pigs follow him with his mind.Etc: He dosent trust anybody.
  5. Well Sir you have earned my subscription your quite a good commentator hope you do some more.