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  1. One could do asynchronous multiplayer in that fashion already by sharing saves, though I suppose you'd have to die to choose a different character. It would be nice if there was a seed-sharing system, though..And the problem isn't the storage of all those variables, as storage doesn't really require any space. The host still needs to access those values and work with sets of values in all its actions. One just can't get around the fact that working with multiple characters and multiple sets of values requires completely different code than that used for single player.
  2. Hey guys, I have a brilliant idea. You know how every single piece of code in the game refers to a lone, unique player object? And how sanity, hunger, health, and naughtiness are probably just saved integer/real values instead of sets of integer values, with the same going for sanity regeneration rate? And how the inventory is a single list of objects that probably works a bit differently than the duplicate-able backpack inventories? And how the Hounds/Deerclops only need to spawn around the player's position values, rather than select from a set of position values? And how Hallucinations are objects that simply spawn when a single sanity variable is low enough, then despawn when said variable is high enough? And how those Hallucinations adopt a completely different behavior that directly conflicts with their previous behavior when said lone sanity variable is low enough? And how the save system saves individual variables and not sets of variables? And how the game has been tested using these individual values instead of sets of values for months? Let's change all of that.
  3. Well, most characters have a single perk that directly counters a survival problem in the game. Wilson counters the need to go insane to make Meat Effigies, Willow counters the Grue, Wendy counters Werepigs/Roaming Spiders, Wolfgang counters the need to constantly restore stats (due to his higher capacities), WX counters food spoilage, Wickerbottom counters Research Stations, and Wes counters the game's being playable. So...Woodie: Counters the need for pig armies/constant axe production and time by felling trees in a single/half as many chops.Webber: Counters the threat of spiders by having them automatically neutral. Of course, immunity to Spider Queens is a big buff, so, rather like Wendy's added risk of being hurt by her sister, Webber is automatically hostile to Pigs. This would be a bit more coding intensive than the other perks so it might not be possible, but he might be able to feed meat to Spiders to get temporary spider followers.Wilton: Counters the threat of sanity by being automatically neutral to Hallucinations. He's already an abomination to all that's holy, so he fits right in with those guys. Of course, he still has to deal with the screen being covered in tentacles and only getting monster meat from Beardlings, so there's still a reason to stay sane, rather like how Willow shouldn't rely entirely on her perk fires.Winnie: ...What is that hat, exactly? Is it a bonnet, or is it one of those little pieces of headwear worn by babies in the eighties? If it's a bonnet, perhaps she adheres to a female stereotype and produces better meals from the crockpot, effectively gaining back more stats with prepared foods, countering the gradual recovery one normally experiences with crockpot food? She really is a mystery to me.Wortox: All sanity and health gains from food products are negative, countering the problem of Monster Meat. Butterfly Wings are now dangerous, most prepared meals are now worthless, but surviving on Monster Meat (and the easily-made Monster Lasagna) is now easily possible. While this would seem to be overpowered, one must note that Dragonfruit Pie and the many useful honey products one could make in the crockpot are now useless, leaving health restoration to slow gains from Monster Lasagna/Spider Glands/Healing Salves/Honey Poultice, and Taffy/Pumpkin Cookies are no longer available to restore sanity.Wallace: By being in possession of the most magnificent facial hair of all time, he has a fantastic boost to his cold resistance in winter, countering (partially) the threat of freezing, but is far too proud and crazy to shave his beard, unlike Wilson. He would also keep the beard after death, further distinguishing him from Wilson.Waverly: Can craft Nightmare Fuel from normal flower petals, countering the need to fight Hallucinations to craft magical items. Alternatively, can curse flowers into Evil Flowers.Wilbur: OOK OOK EEE EEE
  4. How bizarre. Am I the only one that's actively trying not to summon Krampus? I'm super non-confrontational, so I avoid any and all direct combat, including inviting that blasted burglar to come rifle through my chests. Traps are basically better, anyways; why use silk on boomerangs when one could make cheap, seed/berry baited bird traps with the silk instead? You don't even need to actively hunt the birds! Spiders are my bread and butter, anyway. I always get through winter using stored berries/crops in the Ice Box and cooking them with Monster Meat from killed spiders. Heck, even if I ran out of plants to cook with and didn't want to use the birdcage, I could trap the snow rabbits and make Meaty Stews out of Morsels and Monster Meat. Grass and twigs are far, far easier to get than logs and charcoal, seeing how logs leave those irritating tree stumps behind (and take a while to harvest without an army of pigs) and charcoal requires preparation to make it without risk. So far, I've only used Boomerangs to fight the Deerclops, though I imagine that I might end up fighting a Spider Queen or Treeguard with 'em if I get brave enough. I've always seen the Boomerang as the cheapest (in terms of resources) ranged weapon, not a small animal dispatcher.