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  1. we cant break log but from meat effigy logs can we break?we dont need do drink anythingwe donht need to go to toiletwe can heal hunger damge using a banage..
  2. And cant sleep on ground or dont need to drink dotn starve is a fun game not a surival or wait its a survial game but not a ultra hardcore survial game
  3. Hi I thinck you gettuing lost if it is please press the big klei bottom!

  4. or you can make your sanity down and then you see dark rabbits they can dropp beard hears.
  5. Why all are on the world?Wilson:It have a video for it from klei!Willow:Maybe willow havent any thingsmore to brun maxwell come and make a "deal" maxwell give willow brun things and maxwell get what he want.and its a machine like on wilson [that will be on all charackter maybe]and she build it then again pull level and WOSH! hes on the worldWendy He want back her sister and build the machine....Wolfgang:he want get stronger and stronger.Wx78 :maybe he like to be a normal human and "deal" with maxwell and again the machine.wickerbottom a nicer scool not to bad kids perfectly scool again machine!and then wes:A better mime!woody[not impleted yet but i thinck he will added in game]He cut many trees and now all trees must grow again maxwell come and yeah machine and now to the last charackter:Maxwell:WARNIG SPOILERS FIRST READ when you end the game.I will say it so maxwell was a not got human then the he get evil and he also get the power (or he was get into evil)but then the fail he must sit on the chair (you see it at end) and then he want to get free . then he chose a chacrackter and it was first wilson!wilson freedom maxwell he dies and get to the normal dont starve world.and then we ont know what with wilson happend did he git now all the power or do wilson get willow and then wolfgang wolfgang robot,robot wickerbottom,wickerbottom wes,wes woody? well we dont know it D: