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  1. Same for me, but i didn't knowed the method to get rid of it, each time it happen i was exiting the game and loading my last save! Thanks, it will save me a lot of efforts.
  2. In my current game,, my wash bassin seems buggy since the beginning of the game, when you choose to set direction to left the arrow show both directions, when you choose both direction the arrow show left, and by the way you can choose anything, the dupes never use the bassins! I just upgraded to the tubular upgrade before creating this game, but tubes don't seem to appear in it... I ll verify the cache and see if it changes something to the bassins and tube problem.
  3. This two bottle popped up in the middle of nowhere, one in the ice biome where i hame no costruction (there is still a plant never uprooted behind it): And the second in the middle of my base where i have no hydrogen consuming machinery... Really dun understanded how this one popped out.... It s the first time i ve seen it in a game, i was going to ask on the forum and saw some other players have seen it before me!