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  1. My duplicants will not sweep anything, no matter what. When it is priority 9 to sweep something, they won't do it and continue on with basic things. When in red alert mode, they will not do it. When there is NO OTHER JOB available to do and my duplicants are idling, they still won't sweep anything! For these tests, I had more than enough storages, set to the "all" category. I even tried with the "Sweep Only" box checked and it still did not work. Because stuff lying around reduces decor rating, this is a big problem and all my people are stressed and the decor is low even where there is lights, decorations, etc. This doesn't include food, which they pick up immediately when they can.
  2. I told a friend that I didn't want to play osu! because the learning curve... I said this after I had beaten Dark Souls lll and double looped in nuclear throne. Needless to say, I played osu! for hours.

  3. Ox - Ox - Oxegen for for 2 refined klei klei entertainment klei klei entertainment Kill me
  4. Ban asparagus for not having his two gifs in sync
  5. You  can see... what exactly people are doing on the forums? :wilson_horror:

    *signs out, signs in anonymously*