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  1. That's the navigation of a person. They don't move past that point and nobody else does.
  2. I have no idea how to farm well, so I want to see your farms to see how to get the best results. Please just post a screenshot of yours, I want to see how you do it with water, heat, etc. Thanks!
  3. I made a new game and sweeping happened without me having to select things to sweep. I don't really know why this worked but it did. I will post again if the same thing happens another time.
  4. I don't think you understand the problem... my duplicants will never sweep anything, and I have tried everything. Storages on sweep only, storages on all, having the only other job available be to sweep, they just won't do it. They will idle or do another job needed. I tried setting sweeping to priority nine, and it still didn't work.
  5. My duplicants will not sweep anything, no matter what. When it is priority 9 to sweep something, they won't do it and continue on with basic things. When in red alert mode, they will not do it. When there is NO OTHER JOB available to do and my duplicants are idling, they still won't sweep anything! For these tests, I had more than enough storages, set to the "all" category. I even tried with the "Sweep Only" box checked and it still did not work. Because stuff lying around reduces decor rating, this is a big problem and all my people are stressed and the decor is low even where there is lights, decorations, etc. This doesn't include food, which they pick up immediately when they can.
  6. I have enough storage and it is set to all, does it need to be sweep only? I think #2 is my problem right now. About the monsters, I am fairly sure, or it sure looked like, they were eating seeds for crops that weren't swept or planted. Food shortage is always a problem for me even if a rush to get a farm going quickly and cook it with a chef, I still have low food at all times. (I don't usually take more duplicants because of this, I only have 4) @WishIHadAFridge I got that down, I have never played other games like this (base building and management) before so it seemed like the norm for me.
  7. My workers will not (unless it's food) sweep anything! They will idle if it is the only available job too! Also, sometimes, my people will do the lowest priority things first! Even when on a red alert, they continue to do basic things and don't try and save my dying people from monsters??? I am going to cheat to save my people because the AI can't work correctly. If there is a debug mode/console, please tell me. Thanks.
  8. I told a friend that I didn't want to play osu! because the learning curve... I said this after I had beaten Dark Souls lll and double looped in nuclear throne. Needless to say, I played osu! for hours.

  9. More like...
  10. When batman becomes meme trash...
  11. Mobb's art

    evri single tiem *cri's*
  12. Ox - Ox - Oxegen for for 2 refined klei klei entertainment klei klei entertainment Kill me
  13. Ban dragon for not having a banner.
  14. Ban asparagus for not having his two gifs in sync