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    Play as the adorable Warbler, the poor little Pengull that lost his waddle! Help him survive this strange summery world until winter comes! --thanks to simplex, thatbum and zeidrich for their help!-- Features: -Thrives in the winter, but isn't used to the summer -Is Piscivorous -Doesn't have to eat as much Features to come: -Custom Speech -Alternative ways to get fish Installation Instructions: 1.Download mod 2.Unzip HF_unlockwarbler.rar into steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods/ 3.Start Don't Starve 4.Enable the mod Changelog:
  2. You should definitely make a Koalefent plush. I will definitely buy a Koalefent plush. But I'm contemplating buying a Smallbird though. How much is it to buy from England?
  3. GET IT? CAUSE CAUSE I'M A FAN. POSTING FANART. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAI'll post some fanart every once in a while starting with a pic of WX-78 having a dapper time with his pet smallbird.http://datico.deviantart.com/art/EMPATHY-MODULE-NOT-RESPONDING-370030738?q=gallery%3Adatico&qo=0