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  1. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    After killing bunch of lvl3 spider nests: "Ok, ok, I just need to get to the swamp to collect some mushrooms... God damn it! Rain! Quick, where is my umbrella! Frogs? How did they... NO! NO! NOT THE FROG RAIN ... Ok, ok, you got this... Almost there... GOD DAMN IT! WHAT KIND OF DERANGED MASOCHISTS IS THIS GAME MADE FOR??!!? I'M DONE! DONE!" And, yet I started a new world... Again...
  2. This would make sense Right now that would actually be terrible idea, as you would need not one but two finite resources to make roads.
  3. Spider queen gland

    Good idea indeed
  4. I'm just worried that recycling items will somehow disturb the resources balance in the gameBut I agree that a way to destroy items would be VERY cool. Simplest way would be to just throw them in the fire.
  5. Yes! Exactly! Somehow I feel like I could have written just this instead of that whole wall of text xD
  6. Hello, this is my first forum post, but I've been around here since last October or so I've been playing around checking out this Rain update, and I've decided to build a road, an extension to a generated one to make traveling around a map a bit easier. What I've concluded is that making cobblestone is too expensive Cobblestone requires wooden boards and rocky turf - so: In IDEAL situation that I have a forest near large rocky surface (and indeed, I have found just one like that) I can make and place max 10 cobblestone per summer day Have in mind that making roads is an EXTREMELY tedious and boring job. Each block consumes one whole tree, plus turf, for which I'd expect to get a return of 2 blocks of cobblestone, preferably 4 (for 1 board, 2 turf for example) It's not just the boring boring job of cutting down 70 trees and than pitchforking an entire island to make a usable road it's TIME needed. It's at least 7 in game days, if you don't get attacked, just collecting resources, provided that you had already spent several days gathering food so you can concentrate on this job only... And than winter catches you with your pants down xD And don't get me wrong 70 blocks long road is quite a short one in comparison to the sandbox world generated. Considering my tendency to die in about 20 days in each gameplay xD that means more often than not all this effort will go to waste. So either you don't make roads at all or you make them after you've already spent 50 or so days in game and have already made your bases and have longer life expectancy, in which case you don't really need roads anymore TL;DR What I'm trying to say is that road-building consumes too much resources, too much time, and is too bloody boring, so much that I can't see anyone committing him/her self to doing that in any useful manner for traveling the world, basically making this very exciting feature useless. My suggestion - make crafting recipe either call for 1 rocky turf + 2 wood (raw) or leave it at one rocky turf + 1 board but make it produce at the very minimum 2 cobblestone blocks, although I'd rather prefer 3 or even 4 Thanks for reading