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  1. Hey people, El Pacho here. Just started a new series called Let's Try Not To Starve, where you guessed it. I play the Don't Starve beta! You can watch the first episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M3pji4seSY&list=UUChpjHEYejRRuosb8KZ9yZA&index=1 Sorry I kinda had to rush this one out, was a bit tired at the moment, but I am currently working for some new graphics for not just this series, but all my other videos. Now for the giveaway: I am giving away my extra copy of Don't Starve that I got from the Humble Store. It's a Steam Key, which to my knowledge it contains all of the bonuses that you'd get by preordering it from Steam (minus the extra copy for a friend, because well. This is that extra copy.) THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: [*]I will pick a winner in ~2 weeks time, I'll make an announment on my channel when the date is set in stone. [*]Only subscribers are eligible to win. [*]To enter you just have to leave a single comment, it can be anything. It could be a funny joke, or you could call me an asshat or really anything. Everything goes. [*]Only 1 entry per person please. [*]If you double post or triple post your extra comments will be deleted. If you have a question feel free to PM me. [*]If you spam the comments section none of your entries will be valid and you will be blocked as a preemptive measure. And that's it for the rules. Please try to mind them, I want everyone who wants to win to have a fair shot at this. Anyways, I wish you luck with the giveaway and I'd just like to remind you if you like my videos, please drop a like and a comment and subscribe to get all my latest content, wether it'd be Don't Starve or other videos. And if you don't like something, please drop me a comment or a PM and tell me what I need to improve on, I'd gladly hear your guys' opinions and criticism out. And if anyone wants to chat/play on Steam and perhaps be in a video, drop me a PM and I'll add you Peace, Pacho.