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  1. I think the maximum threshold to auto-disinfect should be more than 100,000 germs. Since some tiles can be infected more than 1 million germs. So the maximum threshold should be 1 million at least then the gap between threshold and actual germs will be more reasonable.
  2. I got this issue once, not sure why is this happened but it can be fixed after re-load save file.
  3. As image below, I have to click all of them one-by-one to cancel the auto-bottling option.
  4. me too, dupes keep get stress from this : (
  5. All of my reservoirs are made of granite because it can endure more water pressure than other material in early game. Polluted water reservoir accidentally got a thin layer of water as a surface in the reservoir (and I don't know why the water can be here but never mind...). This thin layer of water presses the polluted water cause the polluted water quantity per tile got more than usual (~800 kg per tile as usual) and create enormous water pressure to the bottom tiles. I don't know this is intended by devs or not but just a thin layer of water can presses the whole polluted water and make this high pressure? looks unreasonable to me.
  6. Hmm.. I hope devs just forgot about correcting this gas bridge because the wire bridge can't across HW wire before.
  7. But liquid bridge can across the HW wire, why not the same then?
  8. Can not build a gas bridge when the central tile of bridge across the heavy watt wire.
  9. I already selected cooking ingredient but dupes store pincha peppernut only. So I had to use compactor to store sleet wheat grain instead and 'Empty Storage' doesn't work as I mentioned in description.
  10. The refrigerator accidentally got sleet wheat grain from dupes but there is no sleet wheat grain in element filter for refrigerator. I can't find the way to get back the sleet wheat grain in it, toggle all element from checked to unchecked and use the 'empty storage' doesn't work, dupes ignored. But dupes still can take it out if there is any building needs to use sleet wheat grain such as cooking station. ** Updated ** After this bug occurred, all refrigerators can store sleet wheat grain even not selected to store anything.
  11. In the 'options' box of harvest, deconstruct and cancel menu, the checked option will be unchecked if you move the screen by pressing W or S buttons for 1-2 times. This is kind of annoying.
  12. Dupes that allowed to do build job ignore to build gas permeable tile after delivered the material and even has highest priority. I don't know how to reproduce this bug, it occurred randomly and re-load can fix this.
  13. The job filter for sweep task is not working. I unchecked the sweep task but still checked the deliver task in order to make this dupe do other task while the others are sweeping. But it seems the filter is not working, that dupe still go to sweep the material that i commanded to sweep even the compactor is sweep only.