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  1. Can't build drywall behind ladders anymore either! (but you can build ladders OVER drywall).
  2. Maybe I'm not understanding something here but.... I have a liquid reservoir that seems to be gaining heat from nowhere. ~45 deg F in, ~70 deg F out. I've deconstructed it and rebuilt with different mat'l and the same thing seems to happen. Frostpunk 2 - CoE.sav
  3. Base porn (again)

    What up with your natural gas zone? ..Can Auto-Sweepers farm stuff!? Have I just missed the memo that that was possible !? ...or are you farming those peppers a different way?
  4. IT seems it is because the dupe's position during operation is actually seen by the game at the middle block (two left of where model appears). The dupe also does not relieve 'lit workspace ' when their displayed model is in light.
  5. The sensor doesn't sense the dupe where its displayed model is while operating the granulator. Frostpunk 1.sav
  6. I got it saved a few seconds before the crash.. not sure what action is causing it. 4th weekend - oas.sav
  7. BUILDING LACKS RESOURCES ({sound effect} POP ... POP.... POP... POP... POP... POP... POP... ∞ ) This happens when I Q up more liceloaf than i have mat'l for.
  8. Ah, Love the new music. that one is super chill.
  9. It appears that my non-growing plants are consuming p.water. Not sure if bug.. or my ignorance.... but here you go. Ppep Water.sav
  10. Perhaps make it so chests and Iceboxes (all openable structures) need to be first double clicked before they will be destroyed when you have the hammer equipped. Or maybe make a game-play option people can check where you need to double-click or shift-click to destroy structures w/ the hammer.