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  1. Right now, Monster Tartare are Meatballs that only Webber can eat, only Warly can make, and give no health or sanity while taking more meat than it's worth. I want to make fancy monster dishes for Webbers, but there's not a single recipe I can think of that wouldn't be better off as Meatballs or just eaten raw. A small buff like it giving 75 hunger instead of 62.5 would make it almost worth it, and a major buff like having it give Webber +20 Health and Sanity instead of the -20 would be extreme. Webber can already live off of cooked Monster Meat, so completely rebalancing it as a low hunger, high health or sanity dish would work. If you wanted to make it really fancy, you could make it so that spiders around Webber are tamed when he eats Monster Tartare.
  2. Winnie could be a farming/plant based character without overlapping Wormwood very easily, imo. One thing that the resource characters like Wormwood, Woodie and Maxwell have in common is that they pick up items just as slowly as everyone else. Now that Woodie can control his transformations, I've always wanted a Wigfrid/Winnie transformation to make her a jack-of-all-trades character. Wigfrid is ok at combat, and Winnie would be ok at gathering things. All the resource characters have to slowly gather things between their abilities. Winnie could have a way to pick these up quickly so Woodie can focus on chopping, Wicker on reading, and Wormwood on planting. Klei could even pull a Wilbur and make her only go "La-dee-da!" so they don't have to write hundreds of quotes for a new rework. Just like Woodie's transformations, I'm sure there would be a downside, like "You can't fight but get a speed boost and can only eat vegetables so you can eat Glowberry Mousse like all the cool kids." The idea of Wigfrid struggling between her warrior persona and true self seems like prime material for an animated short, and can address one resource problem that hasn't been solved yet, besides the classic Lureplant harvesting strategy.
  3. Marble Sculptures let you summon the shadow bosses based on the moon's cycle to farm ruins, so it would make sense if you could use giant statues to farm their loot based on moon cycles. It would require already having defeated the giant for the sketch, so it wouldn't be game breaking by allowing you to get boss loot before you see them. I didn't realize until recently that you need the boss drop to make the statue, so that would either need to be changed or the bosses would need to 2x the boss drop when you summon them. If farming bosses year-round sounds overpowered, you can add the caveat they must die before night ends or they'll drop the one drop it took to make them and you'll have gained nothing (e.g. forest fuelweaver falling apart during the day.) Face tanking Deerclops to kill him in a minute isn't difficult, but the time limit means you: Can't use them to farm trees for days (Looking at you, Bearger.) Must use more resources to kill them quickly. You can kite Deerclops, but that takes more time that you might not have. Tanking takes armor, and armor takes resources. Want to have multiple people, because more people means less chance of it being a despawned waste of time. Sure, you can set up a tentacle trap, but that's time and effort you wouldn't need to put in if you could just spend all day casually kiting them. This also lets fancy megabase builders use boss statues without feeling guilty, because you aren't using your yearly allowance of one Deerclop's Eyeball to spice up your base. (Just make sure it's caged off so no newbie hammers it on a full moon.) Side note, I saw on the wiki you can make Moon Glass statues, so if you really wanted to make this special, force players to farm Moon Glass. You can make Moon Glass boss skins, and better explain why they suddenly "shattered" come daytime.
  4. When digging up and replanting Nettle Vines, they don't keep their fertilization after saving and quitting. It's hard enough to tell if they're fertilized given their lack of a model to show fertilized vs. unfertilized, but then I noticed that after saving and quitting, it told me that I could fertilize it again. I'm also digging them up in the allergy season, so it may be a seasonal mechanic. Even so, if you're not supposed to be able to grow them in the season they're most useful in, it would be strange for saving and quitting to affect it.
  5. Roc in Palace room? why?

    Someone else posted a bug about the Roc being in a ruins, so the Roc is just buggy enough to spawn wherever he pleases right now. It doesn't help that the Roc deals a bunch of damage, so you might end up getting one-shot in an otherwise safe area.
  6. Burnt down houses leave outlines so that builder pigs (or a player with a hammer) can build it back up. I remember seeing a developer mention that it's an intended effect for guard pigs to be able to burn down everything, since builder pigs will just repair it, but I can't be bothered to find the quote. I don't know about the player house in particular, but I assume that you can just repair it with a hammer like any other house.
  7. Guards fightlocking eachother

    Is this a bug, or just something interesting? Pig guards always attack after being hit, so if they time it just right, it makes sense that they would synchronize and hit each other at the exact same time.
  8. I've noticed that you don't lose sanity in the darkness while in ruins, even though Charlie will still attack you. I don't know if it's a bug, or just a beta thing, but it definitely uses the day time clock in the ruins, as is obvious when you wear Moggles.
  9. Peagawk can stuck with a corner

    Before the open beta, you could use a fruit to lure a peagawk into a pen, and it would be too distracted to notice you plucking its feathers and keeping it in a cage for later. Now, peagawks will run away even while going after a fruit. If they prevented you from easily caging it AND from them getting stuck on terrain, you would have to wait for them to fall asleep, get one feather, and rinse and repeat until either you have enough feathers or it becomes day time. It'd be possible, but extremely tedious.
  10. Don't Starve Together has so many rebalances, it's hardly the same game. It's like if I want to use RoG characters on a non-RoG world, I can't just mess around with the world generation because there's still the Wetness meter instead of direct sanity loss, things start smoking instead of erupting into flames, most things inflammable being flammable, etc .