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  1. My catcoon has vomited up Carrot Seeds as opposed to generic seeds, too. ANyone noticed this yet?
  2. I don't believe anyone has yet suggested that the phrase "Stupid birds!! I need ALL 17!!" implies that we're not getting all 17 of the ntoes from the birds because /won't drop/ all 17 of the notes? I don't know what other leads we have to discern the other notes, though...
  3. Alright then mister smart guy, what would you use the amulet for? Surely you'll never have use for 100 suits of armor, so what else genius?
  4. Yes. Under the ground. Where there's no grass. It's a backup measure, for when you're out of energy and need to last longer on low material. The way I see it, it's a survival thing, not a convenience thing. Sort of like a very indirect form of armor. Obviously you're never going to use it for torches above ground or on the first level of caves. But the materia for anything other than a lantern is very rare in the ruins. The way I saw it that's there you're intended to use it is long-term/deep-level expeditions to the caves. Probably there's not even going to be light bulb blooms in the ice caves. The lava ones might glow though... Speaking of, has anyone tried to use the telelocator staff as an emergency exit? Can it find a telelocator focus on another map? I think the Thulecite Suit may be that it works on armor all the way up, which is certainly handy with high tiers.
  5. Essentials like torches, campfires, your standard axe/pickaxe/other tools, sleeping bags I beleive, maybe the backpack... I think it might work on grass armor and a couple of structures too? It's mainly the stuff that's nearly impossible to go without, the stuff that's iconic to wilderness survival. It's really useful halving the cost of torches without any grass under the ground let me tell ya.
  6. Wow okay the map movement speed when dragging by mouse needs to recalibrated like ten thousand times over please and thank you I feel like it's trying to tell me I ma not allowed to use the map
  7. Also, @Bryce, crash upon examining pile of clockwork scrap; GetDescription sems to be the culprit. Anyone else had this?
  8. That wouldn't be an exploit that'd be clever use of resources. And besides, the green amulet only halves the cost of your essentials.
  9. Personally I think all the characters are full of personality and have their own really interesting quirks, but my favorite is WIckerbottom. Concept-wise, though, Wendy's ability is my favorite.I'm hoping that Wilton will still be added even though his model is used for the skeleton boons.
  10. That's interesting... people've brought up the cave-only blueprints appearing in adventure mode and being totally useless but I hadn't heard that
  11. THAT'S no fun. I've also noticed that no music is playing in my caves on this world, only thing I can think to be a factor is that I'm playing as WX??
  12. Loving the fact that we can actually grab the turf!!But, er, are we supposed to be craft most types of turf now?? That seems questionable, especially if the recipes aren't placeholders too.ALso, new forum shortcut button is handy.And is it just me or has the karmpus gotten new sounds~!EDIT: Oh and Chesterer gets stuck behiond walls in caves
  13. I have to disagree that the terrorbeaks are not overpowered; if you have more than one of them after you you're essentially already dead because their attacks do a whole lot of damage and pierce any armor that isn't shadow armor.It's be different if I expect to not get my ****ing head chewed off through a football helmet /and/ log armor.