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  1. This is troubling based on how it's worded, and how few details are given. Does the Merm King exist BEFORE a Wurt joins a world or does it only exist after a Wurt makes a home for it? Either way, you're landlocking a character to orbit around a central point, unable to truly leave it without abandoning it. In this example, Wurt is the sheep, and the post is the Merm King. This probably won't be a fun playstyle. And the playerbase for the character (after week one) just died. No meat allowed? Well, there goes half of all food items. (According to the wiki and my poor counting skills, there are 104 items with meat in them/animal byproducts like milk. There are 247? Food items total.) And that's about 90% of the good food items. "Meat only" works for Wigfrid because Meat in general is the best food category in the series, and she still eats her veggies if it comes as a bonus with the meat. A Vegetarian or Vegan character was long overdue sure, but the perks need to heavily outweigh that downside. At this point, we have literally no clue if it balances out. The wording for that is troubling. Do Pigs attack her? If so, saying, "Wurt and Pigs mutually dislike eachother" or just "Pigs dislike her" would clear that up without any confusion. Does she just lose Sanity when near Pigs, and they aren't hostile? Simply say, "Wurt personally dislikes Pigs."
  2. That feeling when the Winona Trailer had more Woodie lore...
  3. RIP. Woodie had a chance to finally beat Maxwell in the title of, "Best Forest Clearer," and it was thrown away. Treeguards are the only thing that stops Maxwell's shadows productivity since they don't want to be hit. Woodie spawning more Treeguards just means he has less time to actually chop Trees, making him even more out-classed by Maxwell... Actually, thanks to that one detail, I feel LESS inclined to chop Trees as the LUMBERJACK character. The End-game was already flooded with Treeguards spawning in constantly, and in pairs of threes even. Now Woodie gets 50% more spawn chances. **Note: 50% higher spawn chance does not mean 1.5x Treeguards. Let's say that in the late game, if you chop 10 Trees on average you get one set of Treeguards spawning. If you chop 100, you would get on average 10 sets of Treeguards, 30 Treeguards total. Woodie with his 50% higher chance of spawning Treeguards after chopping 100 Trees would get 15 sets of Treeguards... 45 TREEGUARD TOTAL. Keep in mind, those numbers and chances are made up, but hopefully people start to notice just how big a spike that is. We already have a character that can grow Living Logs, and another character to instantly remedy the HP penalty by killing a Butterfly. 1 Living Log for 2 people's time, and the killing of a single Butterfly, a great trade. We don't need to sacrifice Woodie's potential to clear a forest by increasing his chance to spawn Treeguards. If anything it should be lowered. Here's what I propose: That simple change would give Woodie the chance to out-pace Maxwell's shadows, and take his rightful place as the LUMBERJACK character. Sure Woodie becoming more than a gatherer is great, and so is his new-found ability to be productive in other ways, but he's originally designed as a gatherer, and now he's just worse at that job...
  4. Aww man, was really looking forward to the Old Wormwood design being a skin... I mean Klei already made the model for it, and I'd still pay money for that. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY KLEI!
  5. Not sure how people can't see how this is broken. Where's the effort? (Also thanks /u/Lithpingly for the screenshot.) It was fine for Wormwood himself since Crops alone are useless for him. With other players however? They have a use, which completely changes things.
  6. I personally like it, but if you feel this strongly about it... Why didn't you bring this up over 3 months ago when Wormwood was added to Hamlet? Personally I just hope his original design becomes a skin. It was so good!
  7. Rest in peace balance. If Farmplot and Dragonfruit addictions weren't already bad enough, now Wormwood can skip the middleman altogether... I just want to ask a question now, how many seeds does the average player collect before the first Winter? Casually, not even for Farmplots, just as an emergency food source? Personally I use it as a staple early game food, and end up with a stockpile of anything between 40 and 120 Raw Seeds by the time Winter hits. Keep in mind, this isn't me going out of my way to collect them, just the Raw Seeds off the beaten path, like you would with Butterflies. What reason would any player have no NOT collect Seeds and hand them over to a Wormwood as soon as they see one in the server? There aren't many good ideas to fix this, besides scrapping the perk entirely (an option I am in support of.) One solution could be to limit the crops that can actually be planted by Wormwood. Maybe limit it to more useless crops like Carrots and Corn? Aside from fire spread, what reason does a Wormwood have to not immediately try to fill the surrounding landscape to the brim with crops? I genuinely can't think of one. Great actually! It was silly for the original Wormwood to lose sanity for putting destroyed plants, "out of their misery" so to speak. Perfect, now it's consistent with Warly, who was free for SW owners. (Just felt weird having 2 character ports announced at the same time, from different DLCs, but only one of them is considered free with the DLC.) Edit small typos.
  8. Have to admit, I forgot for a while that Wheeler even had an HP buff. She originally had 100, so it's a nice return to form.
  9. Much much better, but I still think having a speed boost at all is too much. Extra movement speed is the most broken thing in the series, and projectiles are the second most broken. Wheeler still has both, but thankfully to a lesser extent. Let's hope the new Pew-Matic Horn is just about on par with Boomerangs now!
  10. Why???? Having a smaller inventory was such a good perk! It was super fun to play with as a challenge character. It was a fair penalty for having a (practically free) infinite projectile... Now, she not only has the normal inventory size, but she's been buffed to move faster with empty slots? A double buff? The first buff wasn't even wanted... TLDR: The Old Wheeler (despite the bugs) was perfect to begin with...
  11. Looks like someone on the dev team has a potty mouth. I was considering just PM-ing it, but I decided to print("****") it, and take the warning point if need be. (The censored word is 4 letters, and starts with an F.)
  12. Normally I'd call that a big buff, but now that means other entities like Hounds can come back onto the land, when they spawn on the water (during and after SW development.) I have noticed that while the old methods thankfully do work, but have more trial and error needed to work. I couldn't even reliably clip with c_speed(25), and c_speed(30) was only semi-consistent. I think it's a good alternative to /rescue in DST, but it is a little silly being able to see the classic Moleworms and Pigmen (spawned through 0,0,0 or world generation) to just walk/dig back to land. The actual teleport is surprisingly fluid, and is only noticeable if you move slowly, and are specifically looking for it. It doesn't even remove godmode status from you, which surprised me. Really solid work! Only thing I'm a little disappointed in is not being able to drown myself this way. Wes cant drown.mp4
  13. I thought Wormwood was going to be buffed, not nerfed? Healing from Ash was nice, even if the amount healed was too low to be worthwhile. At least let him heal from Rot. Taking 40 Rot into the Ruins is still silly, but at least it'd make the character somewhat more redeeming. He could (technically) Light Bulb chug like the rest of the cast then.
  14. It'd be nice to have a toggle for it at least. Like Wigfrid's Umlauts. I like it currently, but I could see myself getting easily annoyed by it.
  15. Sudura may be banned, but apparently his influence still reaches here...
  16. Me reading about Wormwood. Everything causes sanity loss. "Well that's not too bad." EVERYTHING CAUSES SANITY LOSS. "Oh... A Rook ran into a Tree and chopped it? Rip my sanity." Foods can't heal him. "Wait that's like 80% of healing options... And like 110% of the good healing options." Poop can now restore HP. "Oh that's neat." HEALS 2 HP... "Klei please... Can Rot at least heal him? No? Thanks..." Compost Wrap, is a new healing item that can heal Wormwood. "Oh nice, well it's expensive, how much HP does it give?" HEALS 20 HP... "Wait 20? The 5 Poop itself is 10 HP... Oh it also has a long animation? Thanks Klei... Another Bucket-o-Poop type item, where its never worth crafting." Notices the Bucket Of Poop can be healed with, for a max of... 2 HP? "Wait... You can't even use a Bucket-o-Poop multiple times to heal..." Seeds can be planted into crops. "Nice, +10 Sanity." CAN RIP LIVING LOGS OFF SELF TO CREATE DARK SWORDS. "Really nice actually, gonna look forward to that in the Ruins." Recommended changes: 1. Introduce +50% modifier for all healing items, making them more efficient. Spider Glands go from 8 HP, to 12 HP. Healing Salves from 20 HP to 30 HP. Honey Poultice goes from 30 to 45 HP. Any character cut off from healing foods is already a pain in the rear to heal, so since it's his ONLY method of healing, a buff would be nice. 2. Wormwood can heal with Rot. It's a fertilizer too, at least give him 1 HP per, so he can chug a stack of Lightbulbs for 40 HP like the rest of us. (Preferably 2 HP) 3. Buff Poop to 4 HP. The current 2 HP is such a small number, that it's just silly. It's a hard sell to go off the beat and path to grab 2 HP heals (from Beefalo and the like.) Going slightly off the beat and path to slap a Butterfly for 8 HP? Now that made sense. Buffing Poop to 4 HP (or more) COULD make it a Butterfly replacement in the minds of most players. At most, I'd put it at 5 HP. 4. Splumonkey/Prime Ape, poop tosses actually heal Wormwood. Let's not have a repeat of Wilbur people, Prime Apes are nice, but Splumonkies exist! Perks that work on Prime Apes should work on Splumonkies as well. (Tbh this point is less serious, I mostly want a Wilbur patch for friendly/helpful Splumonkies.) At very least, lets get rid of the Sanity drain on this attack, since Wormwood actually enjoys the stuff. Great physical design and personality, adorable. Easily a new favorite character Klei, good job. 6.5/10
  17. Apparently my guess with bug 2, where I thought the BFB would have difficulties spawning in small areas was somewhat correct, as I had a couple dozen fly-overs. Roc managed to land, and I avoided the head for a while and finally let the head catch me... It did the abduction animation, but kept me in this state as the BFB flew off. I was stuck in this animation, but fortunately a quick relog fixed that.
  18. So the Roc, or BFB... You know what I'm just going to use them interchangeably. Anyway the BFB has multiple issues as I'm sure other people have already pointed out, but I've found a few issues that broke down my procrastination well enough to actually make a bug report. 1. If you try to get abducted by BFB too early, you will be stuck in the "please spare me" animation, unable to move, and BFB refuses to move it's head down once more. So the start of the landing animation shares some animations in common with the Cuckoo Clock inspired (heads within heads) abduction animation. These animations are used as a sort of greeting animation during the landing process... If you are below (or enter the head's radius) during what I have dubbed the "greeting animation" you will then be stuck in the wait animation I dubbed the, "please spare me" animation. During this state, you cannot move, are not given godmode, can mess with your own inventory, and can even (for a few frames) be put into a taking damage animation. This bugged state does not end when day turns to dusk, and aside from your ability to die to Nightmares during this bug, I would consider it a softlock. (After some investigation, this bug had been experienced by Zoidberg_dalV on this thread.) I will be including four screenshots I had with this bug, and please notice the texture issue with hands when wearing/not wearing a hat. 2. The process of Roc spawning, while still doing fly-overs, does not follow a teleporting player (telelocator staff, or just using the ruins/caves between various islands.) In this state, Roc will continue the spawning process whenever the original area is visited again, no matter how much time has passed since it started. The only way to fix this problem currently, is waiting for Roc to start spawning again on it's own, as the new version will override the old one. This problem is increasingly problematic if a player chooses to live on the 4th island, where the BFB canonically lives... Since that island is so tiny, it is unlikely that the Roc will not destroy something (or anything) on the island. (It might also have difficulties spawning on that island due to the large amounts of coastline, but I didn't want to sacrifice my island base to test that theory.) 3. For the longest time, (and up until this most recent build in fact) there was an issue with the size of Hound Waves reducing to 1 every time the Seaworthy was used... This is still the case with ROG and SW, but Hamlet seems to do the opposite... Meaning instead of reducing the size of the wave, instead Hamlet seems to STACK every wave you missed together. (The 5th picture is an example of this... Oh and it is notable, that the BFB started spawning at the same time, and if you attempt to get back on the Skyworthy while bats are spawning, the game will crash every time you load the save. Screenshot 6, refers to this crash.) 4. Being handed gifts as Wilba, can still override other transactions between the player and villagers. (Most notable when being rewarded for street cleaning, and instead get handed a twig.)
  19. No, it's inventory is just full. Since the first closed beta build of Hamlet, these guys would spawn in new hammers to wield every now and then. Primarily when logging in and out of the game. That is why many times you can kill a single one of these pigs and get over 20 hammers. At this point however, I assume his inventory is too full, so he simply drops the hammer. (Much like Moleworms/Moleworm Burrows with too many items.)
  20. Well that'll work in the meantime I suppose.
  21. There is no "Decline Gift" option, and I cannot play DST online until I accept the gift. Beta Branch V206209
  22. Apparently the c_connect() console command can bypass this (assuming you know the server info in advance.) The 'join game' option on Steam also seems to work.