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  1. Thanks for fixing it for my buddy. Weird PC issue, new Steam Account, fresh DST purchase and everything.
  2. Aww man, was really looking forward to the Old Wormwood design being a skin... I mean Klei already made the model for it, and I'd still pay money for that. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY KLEI!
  3. The Birds and The Bees and The Dogs That Want To Kill You (update.) March 23, 2013. Accidentally messed up my vote for that question a little. Honestly can't remember, because I promptly chose to ignore it for almost 2 years. I do mostly use this account to comment on recent developer decisions I may or may not agree with. That's a tough question since it's been so long. Flare2V is the reason I fell in love with this game however. Considering I pretty much pioneered the idea of doing Double Adventure Mode to change characters... I've done Adventure Mode many times, and even for fun when extremely bored. (Also fun fact, the amount of Berry Bushes in Epilogue was specifically chosen as the amount needed to survive off of raw until the Berries grow in again... I once spent 50 days in Epilogue just for the sake of doing it. Initially the challenge of it was really fun, but it quickly grew boring.)
  4. Not sure how people can't see how this is broken. Where's the effort? (Also thanks /u/Lithpingly for the screenshot.) It was fine for Wormwood himself since Crops alone are useless for him. With other players however? They have a use, which completely changes things.
  5. I personally like it, but if you feel this strongly about it... Why didn't you bring this up over 3 months ago when Wormwood was added to Hamlet? Personally I just hope his original design becomes a skin. It was so good!
  6. Rest in peace balance. If Farmplot and Dragonfruit addictions weren't already bad enough, now Wormwood can skip the middleman altogether... I just want to ask a question now, how many seeds does the average player collect before the first Winter? Casually, not even for Farmplots, just as an emergency food source? Personally I use it as a staple early game food, and end up with a stockpile of anything between 40 and 120 Raw Seeds by the time Winter hits. Keep in mind, this isn't me going out of my way to collect them, just the Raw Seeds off the beaten path, like you would with Butterflies. What reason would any player have no NOT collect Seeds and hand them over to a Wormwood as soon as they see one in the server? There aren't many good ideas to fix this, besides scrapping the perk entirely (an option I am in support of.) One solution could be to limit the crops that can actually be planted by Wormwood. Maybe limit it to more useless crops like Carrots and Corn? Aside from fire spread, what reason does a Wormwood have to not immediately try to fill the surrounding landscape to the brim with crops? I genuinely can't think of one. Great actually! It was silly for the original Wormwood to lose sanity for putting destroyed plants, "out of their misery" so to speak. Perfect, now it's consistent with Warly, who was free for SW owners. (Just felt weird having 2 character ports announced at the same time, from different DLCs, but only one of them is considered free with the DLC.) Edit small typos.
  7. Wagstaff's don't either. (I mean I'm enjoying my Adventure Mode perma-blind Wagstaff playthrough, but this still should be fixed.)
  8. Have to admit, I forgot for a while that Wheeler even had an HP buff. She originally had 100, so it's a nice return to form.
  9. Much much better, but I still think having a speed boost at all is too much. Extra movement speed is the most broken thing in the series, and projectiles are the second most broken. Wheeler still has both, but thankfully to a lesser extent. Let's hope the new Pew-Matic Horn is just about on par with Boomerangs now!
  10. Also to everyone commenting about the invincibility during the dodge, I'm not giving my opinion in this comment, just adding a fact: Armor still takes damage despite any I-Frames. Including Wolfgang's Hungerstun, jumping between boats, Godmode and Supergodmode, going through Wormholes, and getting on the throne. Wortox was the first AND ONLY exception to this day, where his telepoof stops armor from taking damage during it. If Wheeler (and hopefully all the other I-Frames) get patched the same way Wortox did, I'll have different opinions on I-Frames in general, since you'd need to waste armor durability in case you mess up the timing in their current state... Also this has been a mechanic for over half a decade, let that sink in for a while.
  11. Why???? Having a smaller inventory was such a good perk! It was super fun to play with as a challenge character. It was a fair penalty for having a (practically free) infinite projectile... Now, she not only has the normal inventory size, but she's been buffed to move faster with empty slots? A double buff? The first buff wasn't even wanted... TLDR: The Old Wheeler (despite the bugs) was perfect to begin with...
  12. Looks like someone on the dev team has a potty mouth. I was considering just PM-ing it, but I decided to print("****") it, and take the warning point if need be. (The censored word is 4 letters, and starts with an F.)