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  1. As someone who not only pushed hard for a beta of this anti-grief feature, and a critic of anti-grief effectiveness in general... This sounds about as solid as mortar. Though, it's only a matter of time until someone breaks it. Of course, I haven't actually touched the system yet, but I have to commend Klei for doing a good job, as I haven't thought of a loophole yet. Nice job, but don't celebrate too hard okay guys?
  2. It's not about the heads being laggy, it's about it further reducing frames for underperforming hardware. Let's use a water usage analogy. A simple static TEX file would be like filling up a small glass with 150ml of water. The animated heads on the other hand would be like flushing a toilet. Odds are, your water bill can easily afford to do both, but it's still drastically different in scale. So it's not about suddenly being unable to play DST thanks to the heads, it's about struggling to play it, and having further performance tanks due to said heads. Either way, we're getting the option to remove them, so hopefully that solves that.
  3. Yessssss! Would this option replace the current moving heads with their old texture icons? That would be perfect! I know it's for technical reasons, but even if the heads didn't move and didn't blink, they still wouldn't look good. They're scaled to be too small, as to not do the models justice. The only heads that fit the full circle are characters like Wormwood and Winona (again, I know its for technical reasons, but as a result, everyone else's chin appears too low in the circle, so the face itself isn't centered.) Finally there was the problem of it being fairly resource intensive, since not only was it a rendered model, but an animated model, compared to a simple TEX file. So hopefully, if this option is implemented the way I hope it's going to be implemented, my UI will not only look better, but run better as well!
  4. It's also quite processor demanding too since it's an actual animated model being rendered for each player. Klei normally considers underperforming hardware when designing things, so I'm still baffled that they took this approach. Or was rendering a model just "easier" somehow? I don't think it'd be that difficult or time intensive to rig up a "default" static face, make a script to "animate" the character faces (with every Elegant headslot skin) and effectively screenshot it. Once you have the image, convert to TEX, and have it replace the old icons... Sure it'd be an on-going process to add new skins, but assuming you don't throw away the script, it wouldn't be that tough. The models don't look all that good in my opinion either, the heads are tiny compared to the icons they replaced. Most of the chins are too low (aka the face itself isn't centered) and it's mostly odd-balls like Winona and Wormwood who's heads actually fit the circle fully... Just an odd decision all around. Eh, maybe my idea of scrapping them altogether will appear in the first QOL update, I'll keep my hopes up.
  5. Just let Wormwood chug Lightbulbs for 1 HP like the rest of us! Even if they are rotten. :P
  6. Rest in peace chugging Raw Seeds and Butterflies for food while building... This was pretty much my casual staple bread and butter (pun intended) for survival. For reference, it used to be a 33% drop chance. What bothers me most, is the backwards thought process for this change, as the drop rate actually lowers, the longer you play in the world. The nerf from 33% to 20%, I could understand, and (possibly) support myself. What I don't understand is why the drop rate lowers AGAIN to 16% for the first Spring, and then to 12% FOR THE SECOND YEAR. Food historically has never really been a struggle or challenge after Winter, so why bother with a nerf half way into a year? Let alone another nerf by the time year 2 rolls around. Unless you plan on going caving, fighting bosses, or going to the islands... Year 2 IS the post-game. You've survived a whole year, so clearly you have a decent base, supplies, and have tackled seasonal hurdles... So why make year 2 more of a grind? Odds are people in their second year won't be struggling for food in the first place. Why make generic Raw Seeds drop less than half as often in the post-game? This change really baffles me... (I guess here I should mention that this nerf is also based on the oldest player in the server, similar to how resources are given by birds if you are new to the server and phase out as your day count rises. Still a bizarre change that makes little sense to me.) So, what does this change do? "Previously (and still as of this patch) Crop Seeds are trivial to get once you have a sufficient crop planted and going but the generic Raw Seeds are going to be hell to grind out... What happens, for instance, if you start farming on year 2 and not year 1? You don’t have crops to compensate since you never started it in year 1." (An actual string of quotes from someone I'm discussing this change with. The previous quoted section, are not my words, but I fully agree with them.)
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Much needed change. I understand the original intention and agreed with part of it, "The old Applied Horticulture shouldn't affect food, since it was the only thing that really justified the usage of the old farming system. It'd be way too strong now." (Paraphrased based on speculation.) This is the perfect compromise that I was hoping for. ALL HAIL APPLIED SILVICULTURE. ALL PRAISE THE GOOD BOOK!
  9. I have several questions: 1. Submission page lets me choose a file, not a link. So if I have an album, could I put it in a .zip folder and send that? 2. Can I send a video instead of an image? 3. What's the max file size for submissions? 4. Do I get extra points for reading the sign?
  10. SEA LIGHTNING RODS. That is all. (We've wanted that since Boat Bridges were discovered, and it's the only thing preventing Boat Bases in SW.) No, not nothing, this is HUGE! I pushed so hard for Klei to change lightning after that horrific event, Klei ended up going the extra mile, sure, but I wanted Klei to go another few yards by porting it into DS as well. It was horrifying to think that DST got a massive accessibility change, but DS didn't (for the time) leaving the game physically unplayable for those individuals. But hey, WE FINALLY HAVE IT NOW! That is why I'm so hyped since I pushed so hard for the initial change, and later pushed hard to emphasize the importance of porting the change.
  11. No no no, you're missing the most important part about Lazy Foragers... They're slow! If you press Spacebar, your character targets the closest item to them. The Lazy Forager ALSO chooses the closest item, meaning it will either cancel your character's pickup animation, or will just waste your time. Let's say you just chopped a hundred Trees, it will still take ages to pick up all the drops. Yeah, the Lazy Forager might be faster than holding Spacebar, but it's slower (or barely on-par) than spam clicking. When you spam-click, you can cancel the pick-up animation, akin to attack canceling, massively increasing the speed at which you pick up items. Finally we get back to your argument. You can pick up 225 items, slower than you can do yourself manually, for the cost of 1 Orange Gem, 2 Thulecite, and 3 Nightmare Fuel. Or you know... Just do it yourself for free. Let's Recap, there are 3 main problems with the Lazy Forager: It's slower than doing it yourself. You can't combine the item with doing it yourself (holding Spacebar) since they target the same items. (Maybe Forager opts for the furthest item, while your character aims for the closest.) It's so expensive! Refueling it would solve that issue, but not the other 2 problems. It's important to explain why something is bad. You can't just ask for a change without explaining why it should be done. TOGGLE-ABLE. Please, I don't want to always see that mass of pixels on my screen at all times. Really lowers the bit-rate for some Streamers. Human error. It gave a nice sense of artistry, it makes builds look less "mechanical." I don't think of DS or DST as a survival game at this point. It's a creative sandbox, for amazing builds. Human error gave a nice human feel to bases, where you can notice the slight imperfections when building. Having Geo-Placement active by default removes that from the game, with incredibly "similar" builds all over the place.
  12. Thank you Klei for double dipping!!! However... There is still some work to be done in this regard. Most importantly, this needs to be ported to DS as well. It's a little cruel to think that DST finally got this amazing accessibility change, only for DS to be left in the dust, effectively unplayable by those individuals... Secondly, there should be a prompt warning people about flashing lights when they first log in post update. Thank you again Klei for going the extra mile, I just wish you'd go a couple more yards.