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  1. I have several questions: 1. Submission page lets me choose a file, not a link. So if I have an album, could I put it in a .zip folder and send that? 2. Can I send a video instead of an image? 3. What's the max file size for submissions? 4. Do I get extra points for reading the sign?
  2. It's all incredibly vague, so I can't make a solid opinion on the proposed changes. "We're making a new mechanic, that serves as a limiter for another mechanic, of which, has multiple perks that we're not giving any hints about." Based on this incredibly vague information, I'm going to assume it's a repeat of Wendy's rework, of being mostly unchanged, and most players feel next to no reason to bother using the new stuff. You can use it, and you can get a benefit from them, but they're so niche in most scenarios, that it's questionable if it's worth your time. What's concerning me right now is how strict or lax the, "Disengaging combat will cause the inspiration to diminish." bit is. Does kiting count as disengaging when compared to tanking? Is it purely based on time since you last hit a foe? Does chopping one of Toadstool's Sporecaps count as engaging, or disengaging? Does the singing lock Wigfrid in place? Or can she attack during it? Imagine how vulnerable you are when crafting a new weapon mid fight, now imagine that type of thing, but to take advantage of Wigfrid's new perks. Not exactly welcome is it? We have literally no clue how any of this is being implemented, LET ALONE what they do. I feel it's best to worry, and think of the worst case scenario, so that you can be pleasantly surprised when it turns out better than you expected.
  3. SEA LIGHTNING RODS. That is all. (We've wanted that since Boat Bridges were discovered, and it's the only thing preventing Boat Bases in SW.) No, not nothing, this is HUGE! I pushed so hard for Klei to change lightning after that horrific event, Klei ended up going the extra mile, sure, but I wanted Klei to go another few yards by porting it into DS as well. It was horrifying to think that DST got a massive accessibility change, but DS didn't (for the time) leaving the game physically unplayable for those individuals. But hey, WE FINALLY HAVE IT NOW! That is why I'm so hyped since I pushed so hard for the initial change, and later pushed hard to emphasize the importance of porting the change.
  4. No no no, you're missing the most important part about Lazy Foragers... They're slow! If you press Spacebar, your character targets the closest item to them. The Lazy Forager ALSO chooses the closest item, meaning it will either cancel your character's pickup animation, or will just waste your time. Let's say you just chopped a hundred Trees, it will still take ages to pick up all the drops. Yeah, the Lazy Forager might be faster than holding Spacebar, but it's slower (or barely on-par) than spam clicking. When you spam-click, you can cancel the pick-up animation, akin to attack canceling, massively increasing the speed at which you pick up items. Finally we get back to your argument. You can pick up 225 items, slower than you can do yourself manually, for the cost of 1 Orange Gem, 2 Thulecite, and 3 Nightmare Fuel. Or you know... Just do it yourself for free. Let's Recap, there are 3 main problems with the Lazy Forager: It's slower than doing it yourself. You can't combine the item with doing it yourself (holding Spacebar) since they target the same items. (Maybe Forager opts for the furthest item, while your character aims for the closest.) It's so expensive! Refueling it would solve that issue, but not the other 2 problems. It's important to explain why something is bad. You can't just ask for a change without explaining why it should be done. TOGGLE-ABLE. Please, I don't want to always see that mass of pixels on my screen at all times. Really lowers the bit-rate for some Streamers. Human error. It gave a nice sense of artistry, it makes builds look less "mechanical." I don't think of DS or DST as a survival game at this point. It's a creative sandbox, for amazing builds. Human error gave a nice human feel to bases, where you can notice the slight imperfections when building. Having Geo-Placement active by default removes that from the game, with incredibly "similar" builds all over the place.
  5. Thank you Klei for double dipping!!! However... There is still some work to be done in this regard. Most importantly, this needs to be ported to DS as well. It's a little cruel to think that DST finally got this amazing accessibility change, only for DS to be left in the dust, effectively unplayable by those individuals... Secondly, there should be a prompt warning people about flashing lights when they first log in post update. Thank you again Klei for going the extra mile, I just wish you'd go a couple more yards.
  6. Wendy's damage has always been 0.75x. It still is 0.75x...
  7. We won't know until someone checks the code. This wouldn't be the first time something like this happened.
  8. ...One question: What about Lights Out...
  9. It's actually only +50 for Sanity and Hunger. It's +100 for Health. 150 -> 250. Merms in general. It's less about their stats, and more about how they fight. They kite way too far and for too long (for most fights).
  10. Yes, now Wurt's stats are automatically lowered (nearly halved) when Wurt goes somewhere without a King/when the King dies. Feeding the King to keep it alive is painful enough as it is, and as it current is, gives no actual benefit to Wurt. Her max health increases? That means nothing when you consider the fact Wurt has to heal up to that new max HP to actually utilize it, and that buff is gone in 4 days unless you babysit the King. If I want full HP when the King exists, I have to heal myself an extra 100 HP, and it's instantly taken from me the moment the King dies or I go between the Caves/Surface... Hard work squandered. Oh but the King buffs Merms/Merm Guards? They aren't very good at combat to begin with... Idea time: If you ask me, it should act like Wolfgang's mighty form (considering it actually has a Hunger-Stun type animation, just don't use any of the model scaling shenanigans). If the king exists: Play the animation, add 100 to MAX Health, and add 100 to CURRENT Health. King no longer exists? Remove the 100 HP, but make it impossible for Wurt to die from the transition. If you wanted to be extra fancy about it, make a new variable to handle this buff, consider it a second health bar, one that takes damage BEFORE Wurt's actual HP. Wurt has 100 brand new temporary health? Once that ticks down to 0 HP, swap it out for her actual HP before the animation. Wurt goes to a shard without a king? Disable the variable for temporary health. King exists in this shard? Set the variable back to 100, and enable it again. Conclusion: Let's be honest, there is no perfect solution for this issue without scrapping/entirely reworking Wurt's concept, but at least with my idea the system isn't perfect, but it would actually be beneficial to players.
  11. Have to admit, I forgot for a while that Wheeler even had an HP buff. She originally had 100, so it's a nice return to form.