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  1. Inb4 ban.
  2. Meet Winona!

    Will do.
  3. Meet Winona!

    Just going to leave this here... 1950's poster in a 1920's-30's setting... Mah lore continuity...
  4. Well that'll work in the meantime I suppose.
  5. Apparently the c_connect() console command can bypass this (assuming you know the server info in advance.) The 'join game' option on Steam also seems to work.
  6. There is no "Decline Gift" option, and I cannot play DST online until I accept the gift. Beta Branch V206209
  7. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    Can confirm, crashed twice on me.
  8. ... Psi I only had 3 Tentacle Spikes, and I died early on. Granted it was my fault for tanking a stomp, with next to no armor, but still. About 3 of us were dead by the middle of the fight, if not by the end of it. I only saw a handful of people with Morning Stars. Your memory is a touch off Psi.
  9. No mods. Version 189297. Title: Items inside or on a Cargo Boat are deleted when the boat breaks on land. *Also the Ironwind still sinks in water. Not sure if that's intentional or not.*
  10. That was a Jungle Tree Sapling you picked up, not a Jungle Tree Seed. Read the item name next time before that happens.
  11. If you don't want the bug to be patched, why even post it? There would just be a higher chance of it being removed. That being said I don't want this removed either, since it's one of the last interesting things SW has left. This bug has existed since the early days of ROG, and has been reported countless times. For everyone's sake, I hope Klei/Capy continue to ignore this bug.
  12. It took more than a year, but it's finally here... I'm in tears. Thought I would never see this day. I literally gave up on the idea that Klei would make a proper way to disable Movement Prediction... Thank you...
  13. Can we talk about why Vote Kick is still a bad system for a moment? *3 man grief gang joins a server.* *2 of the 3 buddies back up whoever is trying to be kicked. (If 2 people say no, the vote fails no matter the odds).* Vote Kicking can also instill fear in normal players. Ever say a comment that the rest of the group doesn't like, ever make a mistake that the group doesn't like, or even a bad joke? Odds are, that we've all been that guy or gal. Now if someone tries to kick you, and no one is there to back you up: You're outta there. The system also encourages/supports people to cheat with the Vote Rollback mechanic. Granted admins already did this kind of thing, but now this kind of power and abuse is in the hands of the common folk. "Oh no! I died to hounds without a weapon... Can we rollback?" *Vote rollback* "Oh no! Deerclops and Bearger smashed the base!" *Vote rollback.* What used to be hidden behind console commands, loading save backups, and admin only features; is now available to the common folk, making it much more accessible, and thus more "acceptable" in the eyes of the people. While I agree that there is no true, or good way to prevent griefing: I do not see this as a step in the right direction. Instead I see this as a tool to help griefers.