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  1. I am the Deerclops, it's me! It was SUPER fun getting to spend time with Deerlet in person, and I know the smallbird is in good hands X3
  2. So for those of us with art threads that... Shall we say, don't get updated very frequently, at what point is it acceptable to start a new thread rather than reviving one that hasn't been commented on in 30+ days? I know some forums frown upon 'necromancy', so I just wanted to make sure.
  3. Gosh, sorry for the inactivity everyone - life got away from me right quick, and on top of several family emergencies I just haven't had the time to work on anything x_x Looks like Klei's going to start a kickstarter for official Chester plushies! I'm super impressed with the preview photo, so I'm probably not going to be making my own Chesters. After I handle one last order, I'm closing my shop until after new years. Just wanna get everything sorted out before selling stuff, y'know?
  4. Hmm... I can see the vote I cast just now - try again?
  5. new poll everyone!Some clarification - when I say small Chester - I mean the size of the smallbirds. As for large, I was thinking he'd be as wide around as an average dinner plate.
  6. I had Wes finished for Afest in Dallas this weekend uuuunfortunately, not only was it over 100 degrees all weekend, but the wig ended up giving me migraines if worn too long x_x Still, got a shot or two before having to wipe off all that makeup!
  7. Hey everyone.Firstly, I'm so sorry to everyone whose ordered a smallbird and not gotten a shipping notification yet - I live more or less in the middle of nowhere and there's been quite some hassle getting the boxes I need to ship them out.In light of these delays, I'm going to change how I do things.Instead of having plushies made to order (as in, I make them as soon as they're ordered), I am instead going to make a set number before listing them in my shop.This will mean a bit more time between releases, but shorter wait for delivery, which I'm sure everybody likes.
  8. Here's a projected schedule for what I'll be working on over the next few months. August: Chester September: Slurpers? Something simple because I'll be making things for another fandom during this month too... October: Spiders and/or Hounds November: Wilson and/or Bunnymen? December: Deerclops and/or Beefalo
  9. What does everyone think of the slurpers?I'm seeing definite hat possibilities
  10. Gonna focus on making Chester next! There likely won't be any more smallbirds after these are gone.ALSO, FOR FUTURE REFERENCE:Would the majority of y'all prefer a floppy soft Wilson plush, or a posable one with hands that can hold things?
  11. Sorry guys, but I had to bump up the cost so that I wasn't totally losing money on the supplies and shipping ;3;I'll be making smaller, more affordable things in the future!
  12. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/155636732/dont-starve-fan-made-plush-smallbird