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  1. But...But what about the tentacles? Will we be forever stuck wondering what's at the bottom? Is the chilled amulet going to be removed now?
  2. I always just assumed their houses worked as un-breaking meat effigies.
  3. ring of sleeping krampuses surrounding a krampus sack. Like the hound circle things, when you take the sack, they all wake up and go after you.
  4. Snurtle. With enough rocks and gold, hopefully it'd realize that I don't want to kill it for its shell.
  5. The hardest part is finding them. Graves barely ever drop gears.EDIT so on topic:Is bacon delicious? How much should I make?
  6. I need to find gears as WX78 fast.
  7. Ruins Speculation Thread

    That's a really good idea. Especially if they become horrifying when you go insane.
  8. Wilson can carry an entire inventory full of marble suits just fine, but when he puts one on he is very, very slow.You can use a stick, some hallucination juice and some gears to make a radio on a stick that acts as a teleporter locator.The beefalo hat has two horns on it, but only takes one to craft.Cooking a dragonfruit with some sticks gets you a pie.There are saplings that never grow into trees and have no leaves.
  9. Ruins Speculation Thread

    More tentacles.The new gems will be found in them.Some sort of traps. Maybe something that shoots arrows/some sort of projectile at you?Edit: sorry, Xjurwi.
  10. Attempt to make an axe, pick a bunch of grass and attempt to chop down a tree. It would take most of the day for me. Then, I would encounter a spider and run as fast as I possibly can away from it. Then I would probably eventually get eaten by hounds.
  11. pigs and hats?

    Can't you give pigs top hats and straw hats?
  12. Deerclops spawn rate

    He only comes for me when I forget about him, which isn't very often. One time I slept in my tent and he showed up the next day with no warning and broke two of my crock pots.
  13. 1 hit chops tree

    Or perhaps his 'trick' is chopping dead trees/dead lumpy trees.edit: nope.
  14. Post your battle pictures (if the pic doesn't work, click that link)Playing as Woodie in the caves. I took damage literally the second after I took that screenshot.
  15. Post your battle pictures

    Didn't they fix that?Twice?