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  1. Wilson can carry an entire inventory full of marble suits just fine, but when he puts one on he is very, very slow.You can use a stick, some hallucination juice and some gears to make a radio on a stick that acts as a teleporter locator.The beefalo hat has two horns on it, but only takes one to craft.Cooking a dragonfruit with some sticks gets you a pie.There are saplings that never grow into trees and have no leaves.
  2. Kinda unrelated to this, but will there be public testing for the next updates as well? Also, now I can know what to call the different cave biomes
  3. There's bunnymen now in the caves. Maybe there's gonna be a bunny king. They're kinda similar to pigs with how they can be bribed with carrots (instead of meat) to do what you want.
  4. I like to make a pickaxe and an axe so that I don't not have a pickaxe when I find rocks.
  5. They aren't in it now, are they? That would suck.
  6. So maybe this is why hound mounds aren't in survival.
  7. How do you change characters mid-game?On topic: my worst death was in adventure mode-king of winter.I was close to starving with rabbit earmuffs and a heat stone keeping me warm. I was running around, desperately looking for beefalo, when I came across hound mounds. Running for my life and still starving, I suddenly see a mactusk on my screen. He hits me with his blow dart and his hounds kill me. I had none of the wooden thing parts. I died.
  8. I hate it when I'm getting trees near the swamp and then wilson screams "GO FOR THE EYES!" and attacks a tentacle that I didn't even know about. With a shovel.
  9. Yeah, it's incredibly difficult for me to keep my army of smallbirds alive with the hounds. I can't just place a bunch of bee mines and let them kill the hounds, because my smallbirds trigger them.
  10. I don't think they're that hard. Just kill them like you kill everything else: kiting.